Saturday, July 16, 2005

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Brad and I went to see the new Wonka movie last night. I had been a little apprehensive of this film due to my great love for the original movie as well as my love for all the Roald Dahl books. The only thing that made me think that this might be a good version was that I really feel that Tim Burton is the only director that could capture the darkness that Dahl writes with and yet keep the comical aspect of the film. The movie started and I was completely moved to the world of Charlie. I fell in love with this movie and I would be willing to go see it again today. The really amazing thing was that I felt my love for this film in no way betrayed my love for the Gene Wilder version. They are two completely different films and I would say Willy Wonka are two different people who happen to share the same name. I do feel that Burton captured more of the essence of Dahl's book and the original is way more light spirited feel good movie. Both movies made me want to live in the chocolate factory especially the edible park but if I had to choose I think I would prefer to live in Burton's factory. The one thing that I wish had happened in either of the two movies but didn't was the fact that it was no fluke that Charlie got the last ticket he was chosen and through a bit of magic he bought the winning bar at a candy store that only existed for him to buy the bar at. It is my favorite part of the book and it saddens me that both directors missed it.

I hope that some day a candy factory makes a candy meadow where people can pay to visit and everything is edible. If it existed now I would have the wedding there next to the chocolate river. I think if anyone ever pulls it off they will make a lot of money.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


I finally got a hold of the registrar for the conversion class Brad and I are taking. Since there are no classes in the near future for me to make up the class I missed I can go and talk to my Rabbi about the subject and have him call saying I know all I need to know about it and it will be made up. That was a huge relief because I would much rather talk to Rabbi Maller and get it over with the have to meet in a strange class and try to learn from a Rabbi I have no history with. Also by getting it from Rabbi Maller I will get good information as well as my questions answered not ignored.

Brad and I have a big weekend planned. On Saturday we have a breakfast with the MINI's and then we head to Pasadena to have a BBQ at my brother's house. On Sunday we have a MINI run and then we are going to a Bridal expo and then we are coming home and having movie night at our house. That is a lot to do in one weekend.