Monday, February 26, 2007

Will be away.

I am leaving in a little bit and heading to my parents for a week I think. I won't get to anyones blog while I am gone so don't think I am avoiding you. This morning my Mom called and woke me up at 6:45 to tell me it was suppose to be a huge rain storm today so I should leave as soon as possible. That is fine but a call from my Mom before 8 am scares the living heck out of me and my heart was beating a billion times a second. I think she realized how badly she scared me because she quickly said everything is fine. Anyway I hae got to get going and start loading up my car. I will talk more later as to why I am making this trip. Don't miss me to much while I am gone. DOn't worry though me and Zy are doing fine.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Empty House

So last week was a long week and I am still tired from it. It was nice having family visit but I think we are glad to return to our normal pace. I am still getting used to sharing my office with Brad. He is loving having his office down here so I guess it is a good thing. Of course now that Brad's computer is down here some things had to get fixed. We finally had a new dryer vent put in because the old one never worked and wasn't up to code. Of course this needed to be done for 5 years but my office didn't rank the work to be done our there to be a wall to seperate it from the garage. The cats love being with us while we are at the computer though so I am getting lots of loves. Sunday after we took sil to the airport we finished cleaning out the garage and we once again have 2 cars in it.

So on to the next drama. I have mentioned in the past that we were having a hard time with our wedding photographer. Well so were a lot of other couples and so we all banded together. The local CBS news is doing a special Valentines Day on how this wedding photographer ripped people off and won't return phone calls. Well now all of a sudden calls are being returned and supposedly our albums will be made. I am hoping that this will get taken care of because if not we will have to sue them for breach of contract and pay someone else to make our album. We are lucky though because early on I was very pushy and got all our proofs and all the pictures on disks. So even if we never hear back from the Crook again we can have our albums made. I guess at this point I would just be happy to have an album to show off of our wedding before the baby comes. I can only hope that it takes less time to create an album than it does to create a whole human.

As far as Zy goes they are being pretty nice to Mommy. I haven't had any vomiting and only a few bouts of nausea. I am tired though and don't sleep through the night. I get starving hungry and then can only eat about a cup full of food before I feel full. Honestly though for the most part I don't feel that different and if it wasn't for 4 pregnancy tests and an ultrasound that said I was I am not sure I would believe it. Thanks everyone for your well wishes and congratulations, it is really nice to see so many people are happy for us. Well I better get going I have more laundry to put in and chores to do.

By the way today is my 2 year blogiversary. After 2 years of drizzle I can't believe any of you are still coming around. Anyway it has been a nice two years and maybe this year I will do better at posting more often.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm Pregnant!

So big news around our house is that there is a baby in my belly. On Monday we went to the Doctor and had our first appointment and ultrasound. The babies heartbeat loooks good and is developing well. Seeing the baby made everything feel a little more real. We are so excited to be starting our family and it is nice to see our little Zygote has developed into a fetus. For now we call the Baby Zy because it is what I started calling it to tell it to become a Zygote. Don't worry though eventually the baby will have a real name that we will call it instead of a developmental stage that it has already passed. Anyway Zy is due in September between the 17th and the 23rd depending on what you go by. However that being said I am pretty sure Zy will come whenever it is good and ready. We still haven't decided if we are going to find out the sex because I kind of don't want too and Brad does want too. We will see maybe as that time gets closer I will want to know as well.

We gave our parents the go ahead to tell people after we saw the ultrasound to tell people as once you see the heartbeat at 8 weeks you have less than a 5% chance of miscarrying and we figure if we did at this point we would want the support. Brad's Mom was very excited to share the news and I am sure by now there is a full page ad in their paper letting everyone know we are pregnant. My Mom has only told a few people and is slowly ramping up to tell more.

Tomorrow Brad's sister and boyfriend are going to paint the babies room for us. I know it is early but this is when their visit is so we are just going with it. The room will be done in classic pooh and I can't wait to see it. So that is what has been going on around here, I am tired though and need to rest. I am sure there will be much more news later.
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Monday, February 05, 2007


Well we are almost done with the construction at our house and things are looking great. Today my SIL Julie and her boyfriend Sean arrived to visit with us for the week. We have lots of activities planned and will be very busy. Tomorrow we are going to every quilt and fabric store in the greater Los Angeles area and then meeting up with my bro for dinner. Wednesday we are headed to Disneyland for a full day of fun. Julie and Sean will stay the night there for their anniversary and Brad and I will come home. Brad will work Thursday and Friday and I will keep myself busy during the day and then Thursday night we will go back to Disney and pick them up. Friday Julie and I will do girlie bonding stuff and what not. I am not sure what the weekend plan is but I am sure there will be some.

Yesterday we had a Super Bowl party and we were all thrilled that the Colts won. We have so much food left over I think we will be having brownies for weeks. I realized I broke a man law by baking on game day. But sometimes you gotta break the law. Nothing much else to talk about that I can think of right now, so I will say see ya until later.