Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So today was or is the third anniversary of starting this blog. It is funny to think of how different things are now then they were when I started this. It all started because Brad blogged and he pressured me into starting one too. I really thought it was something I would do a few times and drop it like it never happened. Now three years have past and I am still blogging and Brad isn't. I frequently make statements like my blog friend did this or did that. It is really strange how people you have never met become part of your family and are there for you through all kinds of lives trials. You have all been so good to me for the last 3 years and I can't imagine how I would have made it through the last year especially without you. Thank you all, I love you more than chocolate which is saying a lot.

Elijah still has not gained any weight. I made the Dr. do blood work and we will hopefully have some answers as to why he is not putting on any weight. She wants me to add formula to his diet but will not explain to me why formula would be better than my milk that has more calories. (I know this because I went out and had my milk tested) I have done research online and though she doesn't want me to start 1st foods until he is 6 months old other Dr.s say as early as 4 months. I feel more comfortable with giving him food to supplement so that is the route I am planning to go until a time she can show me that my milk is what is causing the problem. E loved the bananas today and so we will keep up with that for now. I am so frustrated with this right now so I need all of your good thoughts that E will start to gain weight at a reasonable rate and that nothing is seriously wrong.

Ok it is late and I need to get some sleep. I will be back as soon as I get the results from his blood work. I am not sure what I am hoping the answer is but I would really like an answer. I know he is happy and developmentally fine he is just skinny. He did grow 1/2 an inch since his last appointment so I guess that is something. But damn if I see 11 pounds 7 ounces one more time I am going to scream!

Monday, February 04, 2008


I come today to perhaps save your life from an attack. You see as new parents of what I think is an adorable baby we worry about his safety. Now I think that I am actually a lot less paranoid then most new parents but there are lines that have to be drawn. I know my baby is very cute but that doesn't mean that you as a perfect stranger to me have permission to touch him, especially his hands, that he will be sticking in his mouth. Just don't do it it is never ok and will make me the parent very uncomfortable. Now if you are as bold as the person we ran into at dinner the other night you may get an ass kicking the likes of which you have never see before. Granted the boy was fussy and was ready to go home but what happened was just wrong. We were outside on the heated patio having dinner and I had the boy in the car seat in the stroller next to me. I turned for a second to take a bite of my dinner, when a women came up to the stroller and grabbed one of the boys toys and shook it at him and told him to stop fussing. She then dropped the toy and wandered off with out ever saying anything to me. Never ever reach into some ones stroller especially if they aren't looking at you to see you coming. My Mama bear instincts kicked in and I wanted to slap the lady. I quickly calmed them down but Brad was out of his seat and I had to grab him and force him back down. While I am not paranoid the simple fact is this women didn't know us and we didn't know her and it was not ok to touch my son or his things. He is in an oral phase and so we are careful with what he comes in contact with as germs spread very quickly when put in his mouth. Just as you shouldn't approach a persons dog without asking them first, a child deserve more care. Next time lady If you do that I will let my husband off the leash and allow him to rip you a new one.

On a different note I bring you the next PSA. If you go to Costco to buy a 50 inch flat panel tv take a car that can fit it. I can not tell you how entertaining it was for me to watch these two blond idiots try to get this tv into a little Honda Civic coup, not even the hatch back. It was never going to fit in the first place but in the second they had boxes of stuff in the car leaving little room anyway. Even funnier is if they were buying it today for the Superbowl, not sure if this was the case but still made me laugh. I will admit that Brad and I have on occasion tested the capacity of our vehicles but never have we that grossly over estimated the size of our cars.

So now that I may have saved you I will talk about my play group. It actually went very well and I was pleased with it. As it turns out one of the ladies grew up in the same town as me and her Mom still lives there as well. She graduated 2 years before me from the private high school. It was one of those what a small world moments. E was the oldest in the group but he didn't miss a chance to flirt with everyone else in the class. It was so cute as he tried to touch one of the other babies and stick his fingers in her mouth. He wore himself out though so now he is napping in his pack and play. I should get going though as I have other things I should be doing.

Friday, February 01, 2008

How a Toothbrush Saved my Life

So E fights going to sleep like a champ. He gets so tired but he doesn't want to miss anything. I guess this is something I have caused as I have a hard time turning of my brain and going to sleep without some sort of distraction. Well car rides and sometimes bed times can be very difficult when someone is so tired but won't go to sleep. A couple of weeks ago I read someone say that they put a cheap electric toothbrush in their carseat and it calms the baby. It just so happened that we had one in the house that my Mom uses when she stays with us. So I went and tried it to see if there was something there. It was like a gift from heaven! He is so calm in the car now, and when he gets really fussy at home we put the toothbrush in his crib and he calms right down. I now always have a toothbrush with me just in case. People will stop me and ask what that whirring is. I respond simply "his toothbrush" and leave it at that. I know people must think I am crazy, but on the contrary because of the toothbrush I am sane. So anyway if you walk by a women with a baby in a carseat buzzing just smile and think ahh she is keeping her sanity.

The other day E and I went out for a walk. We walked across the street and started down the sidewalk when we heard a crash behind us. I immediately turned to see what had happened. A women had crashed her car into the median so hard that she set off her airbags. I asked if she was ok and she got out of the car and said she needed help. She lifted her hand up and I could tell it was broken. I called for an ambulance and 2 other pedestrians helped her from the middle of the road to the sidewalk where I was. This street is probably the busiest street in Southern California so there were plenty of people around. Not one car stopped to help this lady. It is really strange to me because Brad and I are always so willing to help that others can not be bothered. I think it is a sad commentary of our times.

Our very good friends gave birth to a daughter Wednesday night. We have been teasing that she is E's girlfriend. We went to visit her at the hospital and E brought her a toy flower. It was very cute. The baby is so tiny born at a little over 6 pounds. We never knew E when he was that little so it was strange to see how tiny she is. I held her for a little bit and it was quite odd to hold half of E. They are coming home from the hospital today so we might be going over tonight to help them get dinner and adjust. I went by this morning and brought a care package for their dog as well as a sympathy card to her from our cats. They did the same for us when we came home. The poor dog is so thrown for a loop. SHe doesn't get what is going on and she just stood there with her tail between her legs. I never really thought about how hard this transition really is for pets but Zacchy is really only gotten back to herself in the last month. She still keeps a wide berth from E. It will be interesting to see what she does when E gets mobile and chases her tail. Anyway I hope that their dog does ok when they come home as her whole world has just changed. It has been a little chaotic for them because they followed Jewish superstition and did not set up the nursery until the baby was born. So her humans have been gone and people have brought all this stuff into her house. Poor girl.

On Monday I am going to my first play group. We will see how it goes. I am nervous about fitting in with a bunch of strangers. It is a group with children under 6 months so hopefully it will work out and we will have some socialization. It is always a bit strange meeting new people here in Los Angeles because sometimes it is full of very superficial people. I am so not the typical L.A. person. Anyway I will have to post later how it went. I am sure much like our prepared childbirth class* I will do something to completely embarrass myself.

*I don't think this class did much to prepare me for the childbirth I had