Thursday, November 03, 2005

$100 Burger

So a lot has been happening over the past couple of weeks and I wasn't quite ready to blog about it until now. I lost my crappy job with the horrible caterer I used to work for because I was given a raise in words but never in practice. The owner didn't even have the guts to tell me that she wasn't going to give me the raise after all she waited until I saw it on my pay stub and went back and asked for it. I later decided that I could not go in to work again until I was given the money I was promised and I was working for the wage we had agreed upon. She then said I had a bad attitude and they would find someone else. Actually she didn't say that to me she that to my boss. So I found myself unemployed. Brad and I talked about it and we decided I would not be going back to work for someone else and instead I would start my own catering business. It is going well so far. Last week I made dinner for 50 people and a lunch for 57 people. This week I haven't had anything booked but it has given me time to figure out menus and what direction I want to go. All in all I am very excited about this new opportunity.

Now about the title of this post. Since I am now home during the day I am available for things I wouldn't otherwise be. Today Brad called and asked if I would like to go flying with a coworker of his. So I met up with Brad and the coworker at the Santa Monica airport where a Cessna was rented and we flew to Catalina and had Buffalo Burgers and then flew back. It was very cool and I am so glad I got a chance to do it. I actually liked flying in a Cessna better than in a regular jet plane. Perhaps I am crazy. So don't be surprised if before too long Brad or I are taking flight lessons. We will see. But for the record $100 burgers are very tasty. (the burgers aren't that expensive the renting the airplane is)