Saturday, August 30, 2008

Being a Grown Up

Today we spent the day going to birthday parties for a 1 year old and a 3 year old. We had lots of fun and it was neat to spend the day with lots of friends. Somewhere during the day I realized that I am indeed a grown up. Parties mean a different thing now them they did in the past and it got me thinking of the things in my life that tell me I am indeed a grown up. I thought I would make a list and put it up here.

First though I want to tell a story but I don't know how to fit it in to the rest of the post so it will oddly sit here for now I guess. When Brad and I got back from our honeymoon we stayed at my parents house for a few more days before we returned home. On night my Dad and I were sitting on the patio talking. He asked me what I thought of married life so far. I said "It feels a bit like we are playing house, saying my husband this or that, it just doesn't feel quite real. It all seems too exciting or playful to be real." My Dad looked at me and said something I think I will never forget "Karin a really good marriage will always at times feel like that way, that is how you know it is worth working at." It struck me as so odd that he too still felt like a kid playing make believe that wasn't ready to grow up. I also saw how much he loved my Mom. Anyway I am not really sure how it fits the rest of the post but it is something I was thinking about.

What I know as a grown up I didn't know as a kid:

1. I know what it is to choose love and not just love someone because they are family. I don't think before I met Brad that I really understood what it was to truly love someone for who they are.

2. I know what it is like to lose someone that you love so much that it is like losing apart of yourself. I also know that a time doesn't make you stop missing them.

3. I know what it is to take pride in the accomplishments of someone that isn't me not just be happy for them.

4. Giving is better than receiving. The look on the face of the receiver is way more gratifying than any gift I have ever been given.

5. Words do hurt, often leaving scars much more damaging than sticks or stones could ever cause.

6. To every choice there is a consequence and often the price isn't worth it.

7. It is the small things every day that you really remember and not the big event days that you make such a big deal of.

8. True friends like you for who you are and not what you can do for them.

9. Anything worth having takes work.

10. Liking yourself is more important than people liking you.

11. Driving somewhere pretty is an adventure and doesn't need a destination to be fun.

12. Having a sibling is the best gift to receive, they understand things that no one else will ever comprehend about you.

13. The unconditional love and trust of a child is magical and should not be taken for granted.

14. Seeing a parent in pain is far worse than any pain I have ever felt.

15. Someone knowing what is important to you and fighting for it for you, without you ever saying a word, will take your breath away.

16. Laying in bed together as a family in the morning having tickle fights is often the best part of the day.

17. Every day starts new and you have a chance to do everything better than you did before.

18. Sometimes the right choice hurts to much to face right now.

19. Relationships take a lot of nurturing to survive. If you don't take care of them they fade away.

20.I was and am very lucky to have the family I had and now to have the family I have made.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


So this weekend Elijah worked very hard to do this. It won't be long until I am chasing this boy all around.

Now so you don't think this came without a lot of failure we have a Montage of falls that occurred inbetween successes.

This is a light hearted fun post. Stay tuned for later in the week for a rant about past events that have come back to the light. Shouldn't say any more until things flush out a bit more. Don't worry though we are doing great.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Screw you NBC and Yahoo

Screw you NBC and Yahoo
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A big up yours is going out to NBC for their "Live" coverage of the Olympics. I turn on my computer to check my email while I watch the Olympics and every night through no fault of my own I am told the results of the big events of the Olympics. This would be one thing if NBC admitted to those of us on the West Coast that the coverage was not live but they don't. Continuously they say Live how is that possible if yahoo already has the results. Further I see no reason for the coverage to not be live here. I don't enjoy staying up until all hours of the night for events that could have and should have aired 3 hours earlier.

Anyway it is now 10:06pm PST and they are just now going to the swimming events that they are showing us "LIVE" So anyway SCREW YOU NBC I HOPE YOU GET A FLAMING CASE OF JOCK ITCH!

Now Yahoo SCREW YOU TOO you have no business posting the results before it airs nation wide.

(OK I shall get of my soapbox now)