Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wasting Time

Since I no longer can use my favorite drugs, ie wine, a hot bath, or decent TV I have turned to other things to fill my loneliness and boredom. My newest addictions come in the forms of video games. Now let me be clear I am not my husband so my skill is somewhat lacking in these fields. For my birthday Brad bought me a Nintendo DS. My MIL bought me the game Elite Beat Agents. All I can say is that for such a cheesy game it is totally addictive. SO much so that I already beat all of the game on the easier setting. I believe that on my own I have never before played a game until the credits rolled. I must say I was a little sad to see there wasn't another level for me to conquer. So before moving on to the next difficulty level I turned to yet another birthday present. You see Jens and Megan gave me Super Paper Mario for the WII and for the past two days I have been sending a lot of time flipping through the dimensions. Unfortunately now I am stuck because I am too lame to know how to make my Mario jump high enough so I had to turn off the game until Brad comes home to help me. I guess this means that I should start doing things like laundry instead.

Tomorrow I am heading back to my parents for a week. I will be taking the train there as everyone feels I should not be driving for that long. I plan to take my laptop with me so I can surf the net from my folks house. This means I may post a little while I am there but I will definitely be reading all of you guys so don't disappear on me. About my post yesterday, I was kidding when I asked if it was due to me, that kid and his family had problems long before and long after I ever sat for them. I truly believe that he had no chance in life to do better because the role models he was surrounded by were poor at best. I believe that the whole family had and have mental problems that are not treated. That being said the distance between their house and my families is larger than it would seem to say that it is across the street. My parents house is actually quite a ways off the street to begin with and other than pulling into our out of our driveway we never see the neighbors. So the situation wasn't scary for them just bizarre. Like I said you often see people on the news after an event and hear them say they could see that there were problems all along and you think to yourself that would never be you being interviewed, however yesterday when I heard the news I wasn't all that surprised. I will say this apparently wasn't a random shooting and he did know the person he shot. I know nothing more than that but it isn't like he went on a rampage.

Now I have posted three days in a row. I hope for all of you that have been nagging me about my lack of posting will feel full from all the posting I have done this week. I would savor the posts if I was you because I am fairly sure I won't be posting tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone. Be safe.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

And they are letting me become a parent!

SO I just got a call from my Mom telling me that the kid across the street, who is now 25 and no longer a kid, murdered a 62 year old man last night. I babysat him from the time he was 2 until about 4 and I stopped because quite honestly the whole family was WEIRD! Anyway if my fine early nurturing skills brought forth such a great human I have to question God for allowing me to reproduce. Well I am hoping the damage was done by the environment he grew up in and not anything I could have done. Actually I was far too young to be babysitting anyway because I was only like 10 when I started watching him. I don't know anymore details as to the murder or why he did it but he has already admitted to the police that he did it. My Mom said there have been 3 cop cars across the street searching the house since before she left the house at 7 and they are still there now. She only found out what happened because the news called her to see what she knew about him. She didn't say anything. Heck the only thing we really do know about the family is from 21 years ago. However it was one of those times when someone says so and so did this and we weren't shocked in the slightest, sad really when you think about it.

In completely unrelated news today is my bestest friends in the whole wide world birthday. SO go on over to Susan's blog and wish her the happiest of birthdays. Hey while your over there you can remind her that she is older than me. Hope you had a great day Pooh!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Prime Time

SO I remember in days gone past when from 8-11 at night there were things on tv that were worth watching. I remember being excited that this or that show would be on on this night and life would revolve around the box in the living room. So why now that we have state of the art High Definition tvs and about 1000 channels is there nothing but crap on? Ok sure there are a few shiny exceptions from the crapfest that pollutes our airways such as Heroes, thank you for finally coming back. But for the most part tv sucks. I mean really if I hear about Sanjaya one more time I am going to shoot someone. I choose not to watch the show because frankly they just aren't that good anymore and I would rather do other things than listen to Randy say Dog a million times an episode. Where have all the good shows gone. Are we so lacking in creativity that all we have to offer society is crappy reality shows or games shows. Where have all the writers gone? Are they now on the freeway exits with signs saying will write for food? To illustrate my point the latest heavily published show to come to prime time is Bingo! Come on your kidding me right. Unless you are under 8 years old or over 75 bingo is just not cool. Please even movies like Throw Momma from a Train tells you Bingo players are a lower form of humans. Now I mean no not to offend you if you are a hard core Bingo player but I have worked the Bingo circuit in my life and I can tell you these are not the kind of people I would watch on tv. I remember working those nights in High School to raise money for our Drama department and hoping to make it out alive. These people were scary! I will assure you ABC I will not be tuning in to your Bingo show and I hope no one else does either. It is time to stand up and demand better programming. I for one will be watching more movies or playing more video games if this is the programming I have to look forward to.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Stuff and more stuff

DO you ever have so much to say that you don't even know where to begin or what to really say. I have been in that place for awhile trying to figure out what to post and talk about that has been going on in my mind and in the end nothing is coming out. I have been deeply concerned by current events and I thought about posting about those, but now I think that I don't need to get up on my soap box here. I hope that things will ch age due to current events and that in the end we will have a safer place to raise our children, two or four legged depending on the reader. I guess in general I feel like they should focus our energy on the things that are important and not worry about babblings of idiots.

I got a job last week doing some data entry from home. It is really easy and makes some extra bucks. It is great because it is something I can continue to do once the baby comes. I think it will take some of the pressure of Brad if I am at least contributing some. It does mean that my computer and I are seeing a l0t more of each other. This is fine but it does take a toll on my back. So I guess this is another reason I haven't posted much is I am actually working from this computer.

The baby and I are doing well. We go back to the doctor on the 8th of May and we will get an ultrasound that day to truly determine the sex. Apparently even though the ultrasound tech was sure it was a boy it was apparently too early to tell and at that stage all babies have outy organs. So we will see. I am starting to get bigger and if you know me you can tell I am showing. If you don't know we well you just think I am even fatter than I was before. Actually I have lost 11 pounds as of my last appointment. When you consider that a normal pregnancy would have gained 10 by that stage I guess it means I have lost the equivalent of 21 pounds. That means this is the best diet I have ever been on. Anyway below is a picture of me taken a few minutes ago in the office. You all can decide for yourself if I look pregnant or fatter, just don't tell me if you think fat cause it might make me cry.

Karin at 18 weeks front view

18 weeks pregnant

Well I have more I could say but I am meeting friends for dinner so I best be going. Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another Year

As of today I am another year older. Well I guess I am really only a day older than yesterday but some smartass assigned a larger number to today. Usually my birthdays are different, I look forward to them and let everyone know hey my birthday is coming. This year it kinda snuck up on me and all of a sudden it is like oh yeah it is my birthday. Usually I look at this day and think what will be different about me in this year of my life. Last year at 33 I became a wife and changed who I am legally. I thought that was a huge change, and in a lot of respects it was, but really in my mind it didn't change all that much because I was already fully committed before that. This year though as I stare at 34 I know this is the biggest year of change ever. This year the events that unfold will truly change me forever and there will be no going back. If I thought changing my last name was going to change the care of who I am, it is nothing compared to the change in title I shall soon receive. This year I will become a Mom.

I look at that title and hope that I can live up to what it means. I hope that in the 34 years I spent preparing for this change I have learned to be the type of Mom my Mom would be proud of. I hope to be fair and patient. I hope that I will always love first and to act with that love. I hope that I can disciple correctly, following through on what I say. I hope to be fun. There are so many things that I can only hope that I have the tools to handle when they come my way, that I should be petrified. The thing is I know I had the greatest role model, and through that I think I am ready. I have learned that I will make mistakes and that it will be ok. There will be triumphs and pitfalls along the way and that they will balance each other out.

So anyway here I am another year older. Preparing to begin my life in a whole new way.