Thursday, December 29, 2005

The return

So Brad and I had a great time at my parents. Brad fixed my Dad's computer so it no longer takes 15 minutes to boot up and it now has USB 2 on it so he can properly work his new Ipod. My Dad is now in his happy place. Friday-Sunday was spend with my Mom, my middle brother, and I doing nothing but eating and playing dominoes. Dominoes is a long time family tradition and that usually results in much name calling, accusations of cheating, and remarks about lineage that may not be appropriate coming from your Mother. In other words a great time. Monday my Mom and I went to Sacramento and I tried on my wedding dress. It was perfection, no alterations need to be done other than adding a bustle to fix up the train. It is nice to be a perfect size something I just wish that the perfect size was a few sizes smaller although there is no one to blame but me on that one. After we tried on my dress we went to go see if we could find shoes. I now understand this will be mission impossible so more time will have to be spent shoe shopping. I know a terrible thing to tell a woman she has to do. We then left Sacramento and headed back towards my parents house. We decided to stop at the Vacaville Outlets to see if they might have shoes, they didn't, so much time was spent walking from store to store. It was surprisingly empty for the day after Christmas. We left the outlets and went back home. Brad was hungry so we went and got my favorite thing Round Table Pizza, yummy. On Tuesday my mom and I headed downtown and went to see if Claires had the things to go in my hair for the wedding, they didn't so we went to Mervyns to get my Mom bras and tennis shoes. I got to spend a couple of minutes talking to my best friend while we were at Mervyn's because she is a manager there and was on her lunch break. We left and came back home and began to pack up the car. We used all available space in the MINI but still had room for us so I guess we were successful. We loaded up and pulled out at 2 and arrived home here at 9:30. All in all not that bad of a commute.

I will take a moment however to gripe about one thing that still has me ticked off. My oldest brother is an asshole. There is really no other way to describe it than that. My parents are very generous when it comes to birthdays and Christmas and so they always give each of us a sizable check. While my parents don't really expect anything in return for their generosity a simple card or phone call on Christmas would be appreciated. The asshole and his worthless wife and 4 children didn't even call and say thankyou. I am so mad that my own brother could be such a selfish jerk I really want to punch him in the mouth. It is things like this that make me realize why my other brother and I consider each other our only siblings. I hate that he can still hurt my Mom, I had hoped that after 20 years of him running away that he would grow up and stop hurting her but I guess that isn't going to happen. So as far as I am concerned from here on out older brother you are no brother of mine. I will allow you to be a cousin that is still invited to family functions but that I don't have to deal with but you and your are no longer part of me and mine.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Holidays

Well in just 2 short hours Brad and I are headed North to see my family. We hope you all have the happiest of holidays, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, Festivas, whatever. I will be back Monday night with stories of my adventure. I may even bore you with more news on my dress, we shall see. Anyway here is a picture of one of the ginger bread houses I made last year. It isn't the niceset thing I ever made but I only had two hours to make the whole thing. I made all of this except the coconut lawn as I am allergic to cocnut I had someone else do that part. Anyway happy holidays one and all! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Bet you are hungry now. Yes the basket is made of chololate. Yes I made the basket and the strawberries in it. I am posting this because I am trying out Picasso a new way to do pictures and it has a button that you hit that says blog this. How cool is that. We took this to a party and it was a big hit. Soimeday I will make another one. Anyway enjoy. Posted by Picasa

10 very random things about me

Ok I have seen this on lots of other peoples blogs and while I wasn't tagged it still seemed like fun.

1. When I was in the ladder part of the Barbie years, Barbie ran a whore house and Ken was both a pimp and a John.

2. When I went away to college for the first time on the 450 mile trip I had 2 tires blow out and they were only 12 day old tires.

3. On the first day of Kindergarten the teacher asked if anyone wanted to be called something other than their first name, I raised my hand and said I wanted to be called Shelly. She asked me how to spell it and I didn't know so she wouldn't let me be called that. I didn't know how to spell Karin either but she didn't ask that. She called my Mom and to this day my Mom still laughs at this story.

4. I used to get mad at my older brothers and since they could and would beat me up, I would secretly steal their toys and bury them in the backyard.

5. In 5th grade we had to learn square dancing and I had 3 boys fighting to be my partner.

6. In college a group of us would walk to Circle K at night to get slurpies and what not. One night we had a guy that was visiting the school who I thought was very hot. I was trying so hard to be cool that I wasn't watching where I was going and walk right into a fire hydrant. From then on every night we walked by it everyone jumped in front of it and told me to watch out. Needless to say I never saw the hot guy again.

7. My favorite things about myself are my hair and my eyes, yet neither one of these features ever photograghs very well.

8. I was the tetherball champion of the school. No one could beat me.

9. In highschool I was in a play that wanted me to have very exaggerated breasts so I stuffed them with a pillow. All the guys in the play would come and tweak the pillow as a joke. Well I am naturally very well endowed and one rehearsal I wasn't wearing the pillow and one of the guys tweaked my real breast not realizing until too late I wasn't stuffed.

10. At the drama club pot luck dinner I caught my friendship bracelet on fire while trying to light a candle inducting me into the Thespian Society. The teacher put the fire out and I turned to her and said "See I told you I was having a bad week."

Ok that is it 10 really random things about me you really never wanted to know.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Just found out my wedding dress is in. I get to go try it on next Monday while I am home seeing the parents. I am beyond excited!

Magic Mountain

Brad and I have season passes to Six Flags Magic Mountain. I am a rollercoaster junkie so it is nice having the best rollercoasters in the country about an hour away. Brad and I didn't have any solid plans this weekend so off we went to Magi Mountain. The park was practically empty so we got right on to all the rides. Brad really wanted to go on Superman so we had to go all the way around the park up the steep way to the ride because all other routes were closed for the construction of the new coaster. So then we finally got to the ride and waited in the longest line of the day. We finally got on the ride and buckled in. Whoosh we were off, up we went and then down we came. We hurdled backward towards the start thinking our ride was about to end. But alas this was not the case we didn't make it back to the beginning and we began to roll back towards the ramp. The teenagers behind us were getting scared and so Brad decided to do all that was in his power to make it worse for them. We stopped just shy of the ramp and just sat there. Nobody came for us and nothing was said over the speaker. So we just sat there. After about 10 minutes they began to slowly crank us back to the beginning. We got off the ride and went on with the rest of our day. Really not that big of a deal when you think about it. However there was one thing about the situation that bothered me. As we rolled back towards the ramp, we all knew something was not right. The teen behind we yelled out "This is so Jewish" What exactly does that mean? I am very familiar with all the Jewish stereotypes and breaking down is just not one of them. I couldn't help myself so I said back to the little twit, "That is really offensive." Oh I forgot to mention that as we boarded the right one of the teens said something like wouldn't it be cool if Hitler were here? So the second comment was just a little more than I wanted from the little Nazi behind me. So I suppose my lingering thought is what are these kids being taught?

We ended our day at the park with the coolest rollercoaster ever called X. The seats on X rotate with the coaster so that you get the most out of the ride. It is the only coaster out that still makes me scream and laugh at the same time. (apparently it is really something to be heard). If you are a coaster junkie like me I really recommend you try it sometime. If you decide to go to Magic Mountain I will caution you about one thing, do not ride X first. We learned the hard way after you ride X on any given day the other coasters at the park seem boring.

On Sunday we went to Torah study and then out to lunch at Third Street Promenade. We walked around a bit and laughed at street performers. We left there and went to get stuff to make holiday baskets for my clients and some friends and family. I will be baking for the rest of the day today so we can send out the baskets tomorrow. Once we got home it was all hands on deck to get our save the date cards out. I entered all the addresses on my end to then went upstairs to Brad's office and helped pick out the pictures that would go on the card. We looked through 5 1/2 years of pictures and finally found one that we liked and thought was ok for the cards. Does any one else find it sad that we had that much trouble picking a decent picture of us? Well we got the card all designed and loaded with the company online and so they should be printed and mailed out today. I hope so anyway cause then at least it is one thing I know is done and over with. Only about a billion things left to do. Oh well in a few months it will all be over and it will have been worth it. Talk to you later.

Friday, December 16, 2005

The necks just get redder

So I got a call from my mom today and yet again my brother's family has out did themselves in the level of trailer trash ness. My nephew dropped out of school after having failed 8th grade twice. My oldest niece, who has a baby, just dropped out of high school. My youngest niece has now been pulled out of school and will now be "home Schooled" If you have met my sister in law you will know how scary of a proposition this is. The reality of this situation is that none of these kids will ever be able to do anything with their lives. It really saddens me that the expectations for these kids is so low. On the plus side when Brad and I have kids they have a long way to fall to be the family disappointment. I feel embarrassed that this is my family.

Kong was an ok movie. It would have been a great movie if someone had told Peter Jackson that he needed to do some more editing. There was a lot of stuff in the movie that just didn't need to be there or didn't need to be as long. The cool thing about this movie was that we watched it with the guy that plays Lex Luther on Smallville. He looks exactly the same in person except he looks nice and not like an evil genius. Brad was very excited when we were standing behind him at the snackbar. At the end of the movie I saw the name of one of my brother's really good friends in the credits. He used to work for Pixar so I wasn't totally shocked but it is nice to see he is still working and moving up. Brad just thought it was strange when I belted out his name during the credits. Although he had just done it to me with several of his co-workers.

I just talked to the studio I worked with this week and while they will have other smaller things for me before this they want me to put them on the schedule for the entire month of march for catering everyday. I am very excited about this and it is nice to see my little business doing so well. Go me.

I have yet to get any holiday shopping of my own done yet but I got my Mom's done tonight so I guess that is something. I hope that my Dad remembers to take care of my Mom as well. Brad is off tonight with the guys and I am on standby in case ride homes are needed. Man am I a good fiancee or what. Of course he invited me to go but honestly hanging out with his coworkers talking about the latest computer innovation while they all drink and I stay sober to drive just doesn't sound fun. I will stay home watch tv and pick you up when you are done. Then you don't have to keep asking me if I am having fun. Home with the cat's is more my kind of fun honey, sorry. That's it for now we will see if anything exciting happens this weekend.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


So I woke up very early with something I just had to blog about when got up. I went back to sleep and have now completely forgotten what I was going to blog. Rest assured it was a great story that would have knocked you out of your chair because you were laughing so hard. But since I have developed blognesia you will just have to imagine what it was.

On Saturday night Brad and I went to see Rent. It was awesome and I had to go out and buy the sound track immediately. One song gave me chills while I watched him sing it. Tonight we are going to go see Kong, I shall report tomorrow on what I thought of it.

Words can not even begin to express how fulfilling this week has been for me. I love being able to provide meals for companies and here for days afterward how great everything was. Everything went over very well and everyone ate way to much food. The pulled pork alone I made 7 pounds for 11 people and came home with about half a pound of meat. The more I do this the more I know that this is the right direction for me to go and that I don't want to go back to being someone's pastry assistant. I love that I get to make hot food as well as desserts. I love that the menu is my choosing and at the end of the day the success or failure is all mine.

Something happened the other day that really pissed me off and I am not sure if it should have or not. Over the summer I got the place I was working for to cater for Brad's work twice a week. They did the dinners until the movie ended and then Brad's worked hasn't needed meals provided since then. The owner of the company I worked for never really paid me for bringing the contract in and basically screwed me over yet again in that regard. Well the other day she had the nerve to send Brad's company a Ginger Bread House in hopes to get them to order from her again. Brad has talked to the guy who is in charge of ordering meals and told him the situation between me and the company I used to work for and they have agreed to not use them ever again. They also said that in the future if they are ordering again that they would give me a chance at it. All this is great and I am glad in that since that she did what she did because it closed the door for her and opened it for me. The thing is I am pissed that she would have the nerve after all she did to me to go after my fiancee's place of business. I really want to call there and be like "nice try but it isn't going to work." But I know it is better for me to just keep my mouth shut. So anyway it still urks me that she would do that, but since I have seen an overwhelming lack of character in her I am really not surprised. I am waiting for the day though that her charma smacks her in the ass. If I hear about it I will laugh my butt off.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


It has been a long day and I will blog more about it later this week. Right now I am waiting for the pork shoulder I just smoked to cool so I can pull it and go to bed. I am catering tomorrow and doing data entry so I don't think I will have much time to blog. I am still trying to figure out exactly what I will be making for Tuesday and Wednesday. I hope that by Wednesday afternoon things will calm down and I can write all the things that my brain is overflowing with.

I don't know if this happens to other people but quite frankly it usually startles me when it happens. Sometimes I can look at someone and know that something is going to go wrong. It is never very specific but just a feeling like they should use some extra caution. Today I had one of those feelings. At a group event that I will explain more about in the future, I saw a friend that is part of an older generation. As she was walking up towards us I said to Brad and a friend at the table that she didn't look very good. 45 seconds later she bent to pet a dog and fell over onto her face. She was hurt and couldn't get up and we had to call an ambulance to come get her. I still don't know the status of what happened at the hospital so I can't explain more. Brad came back to the table after she was taken away and said "wow honey, you called it. Please always tell me I look good." I wouldn't be troubled about this except that I do get the eerie feeling from time to time and when it is like this I always end up being right. I know that some of you think that it might be cool, or like Medium, but let me assure you it is core shaking. So please if you are reading this and have had similar experiences let me know so I don't feel so weird.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Me in Vegas

The first picture is a picture of the Demon child that kep me up all night last night.

The second is a picture of me taken in Vegas. Really I am just trying to figure out how to work the pictures. Hope you all enjoy me!

sleep deprivation

This is for my furry alarm clock: Hello it is Saturday the day that the humans in the house like to stay in bed together and get some much needed rest. Yes I know that you love me and would dearly love some attention and scratches behind your cute little ears. But for crying out loud it is 4:30 in the morning, I am too sleepy to love you right now, instead your actions make me want to hurtle you across the room. Of course I contained my anger at you this morning which was hard since you didn't get the message that I was not going to get up and pet you until 6:30. I will not however be so nice the next time you decide it is your job to keep me awake, you see in the bathroom that you love so much there is a large container that has water in it. Your Dad and I call it a toilet, anyway if you continue with this behavior you will be dropped in it and I will flush it giving you a swirly but not flushing you down. This will result in you being very wet and me laughing my butt off at you. Now remember you are a cat and water is your arch enemy. So my darling Z you are warned.

Those few of you that actually read this blog will notice that I change the template on my blog. I also added links to some other peoples blogs. I would like you all to know that I figured this out all on my own with no help from Brad. I was quite proud of this little accomplishment so I hope you all like being linked. Today we are going to make a trip to Costco. I have a love hate relationship with them. I love the store and especially their meat but hate all the other people that shop there. Let me let you in on a little secret: the aisles of Costco are to walk through and to pick out what you need, it is not the place to schedule your family reunion. I know the free appetizer made you think it was cocktail hour but really folks move out of the way I have shopping to do. Personally I hate the free samples it clogs up the very aisles I need things from to run my little business. The sample aren't very good, have a lot of calories, and are rarely actually ready to be consumed when you walk by, causing a big group of people to wait in line for something they wouldn't eat if they saw it being offered at a party. Just stop it people and go outside and get a hotdog and a coke for $1.50 you will be much happier with your choice. Anyway despite my little rant I am still happy to be going to Costco and happier still that Brad will be going with me.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Dental Woes

Well after a very long break from seeing the dentist I went a couple of weeks ago. Well the next day I was sent to have my Wisdom teeth pulled, that was the Thursday before Thanksgiving. The next day my parents were down to have an early thanksgiving with my brother and Brad and I. So the day after having teeth pulled I was in Pasadena shopping and cooking for Thanksgiving. We had Thanksgiving on Saturday and Sunday and I was able to eat which was a good thing. We then went on Tuesday To Philadelphia where on the flight we lost 3 hours and 50 degrees. Boy am I a spoiled Californian. We spent the rest of the week with Brad's family and had a very lovely 2nd Thanksgiving. We flew back on Sunday. On Monday I had to go to the dentist that pulled my teeth for a follow up, everything was fine so I was sent on my way. On Tuesday I had a root canal on my left fang tooth. It was very minor and so I wasn't that upset by it. A week went by and this Wednesday I had another and last root canal on tooth number 3. It was a very bad cavity and so the root canal was pretty involved. I thought everything was fine but I guess not because yesterday as I was eating goldfish crackers on the other side of my mouth stupid tooth 3 broke. Crap so I called the dentist and was told to come right in and I had to have the same tooth redrilled and built up. It feels weird. Basically these are the things I was afraid of that kept me from the dentist in the first place. Oh well I suppose I did this to myself.

Things are going a little slow right now. This is for many reasons including spending my life in the dentist's office right now. However I did data entry for a studio today and they want me Monday through Wednesday next week to do data entry and breakfast and lunch. I am so glad to be getting some money in in time for the holidays, maybe people will get presents afterall. Well at the very least I know the dentist's family and friends are getting good presents on me this year. Brad and I have decided that we will raise our future demons to be Dentists. Then they can make lots of money and take care of us in our old age. Well that is about it for now.