Saturday, December 15, 2007

If I had balls they would have been kicked

You ever just have a week where it feels like you are being kicked over and over again? We began our week flying across the country with the baby and trying to get back into our normal routine. It all seemed innocent enough, we had a good trip visiting with family and the baby did well with the flights and the upheaval to our routine. I was tired though and had a cold from our travels that left me a little cranky if not a lot snotty. Wednesday morning I got up early and jumped into the shower before Brad would get up for work. The water didn't seem to be getting hot enough and so I spent my time trying to get the water to just the right temp. I still don't know what was up with that but it would lead to further confusion on my part as the morning unfolded. I finished my shower and came to the room to get dressed. I told Brad about the water and was just about to get dressed when the doorbell rang. It was a little before 8 am so I could not think who would be at our door. Brad jumped out of bed and went to see who it was, still in his underwear. It was the maintenance man for our complex asking if our downstairs was flooding. Brad ran to see and I still in my towel ran to throw him shorts. I ran back upstairs and got dressed and then went to see what was happening. Sure enough our downstairs was covered in water. The main line had backed up and overflowed into our building. since we had carpet in our bonus room we had to move all the furniture out into the garage so the carpet could dry out. This meant that our cars would have to be parked in the outside complex parking. The plan from there was to pull up the carpet and install something easier to mop up and then reload everything into the bonus room this weekend. This morning we left at 10 to go to Linoleum City and pick out a new floor. We got to the car and I saw glass all over the ground. With horror I looked up at the rear drivers side window and saw it was no longer there, shit shit shit shit! Glass was everywhere. My brand new GPS that Brad gave me last week for Hanukkah was gone as was the XM radio Brad gave me last year for Hanukkah were gone. This is the moment I lost it and began to cry at the side of my car. Man do I not need this right now. Thankfully the garage door opener was not taken as that would give them access to our whole house. They also left all the Babies gear which I actually would have been way more pissed if they took them the electronics. We then spent our whole day driving 70 miles each way to the only dealership in Southern California that had the window in stock. We came home and reassembled the office in our bonus room. We got everything in and our cars are now once again parked in the safety of our garage. We are both exhausted and cranky. Hopefully tomorrow we will get through the day with no more drama.

In good news for my day the 49ers finally won a game today. At least they are better than the Dolphins.