Monday, March 21, 2011


Tonight I got a message from an old "friend" on Facebook and it just irritated me so much. I have been in contact with her as well as the rest of the group of friends from college since Elijah's diagnoses and so you would think she would be in the know, so to say. So she sent me a message saying I just saw the picture of you that says cancer sucks is that your little boy? (elijah?) I'm sorry. Oh and I see you have a daughter now, she is cute.

WTF! Our kids have played together and we used to have lunch together once a month and you can't even be bothered to know what his name is. First why not f***ing look at my page and see what is going on before you message me. Second I sent an email to you specifically saying I couldn't go to your event because of Elijah's chemo and treatments. If you have cared so little up to now why bother writing to me now. I don't take your letter as genuine concern, instead it just irritates me. So yes my son, whom you know and is the same age as your daughter, has cancer. Yes I have a daughter who you haven't bothered to know and will never know now. She is more than cute, she is my blessing. Why don't you just crawl back into the self righteous, self important cave you have been living in and stay the hell out of my life. I am done!