Monday, June 27, 2005

The Great Aunt

So my niece's water broke today so she is in the hospital now and they are inducing labor. So I guess by the end of the day I will be a great aunt. I find the whole thing to be very strange, somehow saying I could be a great aunt also means that I could be a grandmother had I had kids already. This is a very scary thing to me as I don't feel quite ready to have kids yet even now that I have reached my 30's. I was thinking about it though and it is entirely possible that the rash of girls that had babies while we were in high school could now be grandparents. I suppose that there are times in your life where a mirror is held up and you see how your life could have gone if you had made different choices. Sometimes that might be at a high school reunion, or running into a old friend. For the most part when those times have found me, I have been happy with the direction my life has gone. I find it to be a little rewarding that I can look back at the others my life has crossed and feel that I have made good choices and I am not embarrassed by the way my life has shaped up. I guess during those times I should thank those others around me for making different choices than me and showing me where the other path lead. I should say that my sister in law is delighted to be a 33 year old grandmother, so I am happy for her. I am just really glad it is not me. I just appreciate that there are people out there whose lives are very different than yours and they might love them and be glad they are not leading yours, but that you can feel like I am glad I am who I am because you are not leading their life.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Wedding stuff

So this has been a crazy time. While Brad and I were in Philadelphia I went with two of my attendants and picked out and ordered their dresses for the wedding. We also went and picked out a wedding band for me and started the process of finding one for Brad. This week Brad has been trying to get our website up and running so people will know were to go to ask questions about the wedding. We started a wedding blog so this should be the last blog here on wedding stuff. Today we went and registered at Macy's and at Home Depot, I didn't realize how much work registering was. So now we have a starting point. Other than that the wedding plans are coming along and I am not feeling stress about it yet.

Yesterday we went to Irwinndale Speedway and saw the races. Brad and the other MINIacs got to drive the pace lap while I was in the announce booth being the spokesperson for the club. We had a great time and came back exhausted. Jesse James was racing in the figure 8 race and he puts on a good show. He won the event so that is a real crowd pleaser. It was nice to spend a day with some of our very good friends and I have to say I feel very lucky to be in such a great club.

In other news of late, I realize I never updated this blog about my parents house. After much thought and contemplation my parents have decided not to sell and so for the next 5 years at least I don't have to worry about it. Words can not express what a relief that has been. So the landscaper should be coming out in the next few weeks to completely redo my parents backyard. I am very curious to see how all this turns out as I am having a hard time picturing the yard any way but the way it has always been. I am very excited to see how it will all turn out. So it is getting very late and I should be getting to bed now. Good night

Monday, June 06, 2005

Current Events

Ok so I suppose you all have had enough time to stop laughing at my stupidity from the previous post and so now I can begin to get you caught up on all the small happenings of my life of late. I have decided that it is time for me to seriously look for a new place to work and so I have been scouring job boards and sending out resumes. I interviewed with a new bakery that is about to open and the interview seemed to go well and the job was very promising but after several weeks of the employer milling over his decision he decided to go a different direction. I discovered from this that it is even more frustrating to not get a job when you have the skills and experience in order to perform the job and they still pass on you. On the plus side things are starting to pick up at work and I should be getting more hours. Although that is great I think it is still time for me to see if there is something better out there. Another positive is that Andrew and Debbie really don't want me to leave so when business inproves I can finally go in and demand a decent wage.

Brad and I are doing really well and I think everyday I see something else to love him more for. It is now less than a year until the wedding and since it is no longer May I can now say we are getting married May 21st and lose the 2006. On Saturday it will be exactly 5 years ago that Brad and I meant. My how time flies. We will spend that anniversary in Philadelphia watching Brad's sister graduate from college. We will be coming back to Los Angeles Friday the 17th and I will then wish my Mom a very Happy Birthday. On Saturday the 18th it will be 5 years since Brad and I started dating and we will spend that anniversary all day at a Shabbaton with my conversion class. Then that Sunday the 19th will be Father's Day so it looks like it will be a very busy week.

It seems as though I may be getting a race car of my own soon so Brad will have to begin to eat my dust on the track. I am very excited about this and am looking forward to having a project car of my own to Monkey around with. I will give more details later when the deal is done but it looks as though I will have a fully functional race car with roll cage for under $300. Let's just say Brad is now very scared of me. So to decorate my race car I will be looking for some very large daisy stickers because nothing says race car like flowers. Yes the car will have a name and will be severely abused. So I guess now I really need to find that auto mechanic class I have always wanted to take.

Ok you all have enough info to digest for a little while I wouldn't want you to be overly stimulated by the fact of a post 2 days in a row. We will see if we can throw caution to the wind and post 3 in a row. Wouldn't that be novel.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Blond Moment

Ok so it has been quite awhile since I have posted and I guess it is time I get back to posting. I decided that I would begin by sharing one of my more brilliant moments of late so you all might at least get a laugh at my expensive. Yesterday Brad and I had a very busy day that consisted of a breakfast at 7:30, a picnic in Santa Barbara area at 11 and then a party at a friends house at 7:30pm. So needless to say there was really no time between events. In the meantime so very good friends of ours were showing their car today at a show and needed the use of our garage so they could wax the car before the show. Since we would be gone all day I thought it would be easier for them if I moved my car out of the garage and into the complex parking so they would have the whole garage to work in. So I moved my car and then Brad pulled out of the garage next to my car so we could go and he closed the garage door. As my purse was still in the garage I jumped out of my car and asked Brad to reopen the garage so I could get my purse. I grabbed my purse and then got into Brad's car. We started to drive out of the complex when I got the feeling I had not locked my car doors, so I made Brad stop and I got out and checked my car and yes indeed the doors were not locked. I locked the doors and we went on our marry way. Several hours later we get a call from our friends that are using our garage apparently I had not only forgotten to lock the doors originally but I had also forgotten to turn off my car from idol and take out my keys. So basically my car sat outside and idled for 9 hours before we got home and I found the spare key to the car. Needless to say I had very little gas left. The good news is my car did not overheat or incur any other problems from my stupidity. Score a few more points to the fine people at Kia your cars do take a beating. So now I suppose I have done one far worse than locking your keys in the car or leaving the lights on. Thankfully we live in a safe area and my car wasn't stolen. Let's hope nothing that stupid happens again. Anyway it is late and I have to work early so I will let that be all for now and I promise to blog more tomorrow about recent events not in the shear stupid column.