Thursday, March 29, 2007


I am leaving first thing in the morning and getting on a jet plane to go see the inlaws for passover. I will be back next week to tell you all about my adventure in travelling. Right now I am very tired and need to finish up packing so that all will be ready for the trip. Everything is going well here and the baby seems to be doing well as well. I am starting to feel flutters everyonce in awhile so that is pretty exciting. Today he was stabbing me in my left side with something on and off throughout the day. I told him to quit it but like any other child he plainly ignored me. I see we are off on the right foot. Anyway I have got to get going see you Thursday or Friday next week.

Friday, March 23, 2007


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Here is why living here sometimes sucks. The other day while I was pumping this extremely overpriced fuel I was stopped by a begger asking me for money. I was a little more tired and grumping than I normally am so I responded. Are you kidding do you see the price we are paying per gallon of gas? DO you really think while I am being prison raped is the best time to ask me for more of my money? He responded yeah and it is only gonna get worse. Then he looked at me looked at the price marquee and slowly turned and walked away from the gas station. I guess he decided we weren't the best place to beg for money.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh the things you will miss

This shall be a mostly visual post of things that I miss while pregnant.


For our next offering picture it full of steaming hot water and the jets full blast.

Wedding night!

Just because this is worth mentioning again and because I really want it, I give you the third offering.


Our last offering may be confusing but I will say it is unpastorized therefore a no no

Pecorino de Pienza

Friday, March 09, 2007


So here are the pictures we got from the ultrasound we had on Tuesday. Surprise it is a bouncing baby boy. Elijah William will be joining the family in September.

Say What!?

2nd Ultrasound

Baby's Room

So here is what the Baby's room looks like so far. My brother's girlfriend is giving me her crib, dresser and night stand set so I just need to go pick those up and the room will be done. I will post more pictures after I pick all that up and then really have the room done. You can see that the cats wanted in on the action.



Elijah's room

Thursday, March 08, 2007


So I haven't been around much and when I have I haven't said much. There is a lot going on right now with my family that I can't really talk about here so that leaves not a whole lot to say. The baby is doing great though so don't worry. I am going to try to scan the latest ultra sound pictures and post them so hold on while I see if it works. So I am sorry I don't have more to say, I promise I will try to update with something even if it is just mindless crud. Well I guess I can tell you that I had a one hour gluclose test yesterday and I passed it so right now at least we aren't worried about gestastional diabetese, so yeah me pass the candy bowl. well that is all for now.