Friday, June 23, 2006


Well I have the proofs from the wedding but not a disk of the wedding photos. Sorry you will all have to wait a little longer for wedding pictures. I did get the disk from the second engagement shoot so they didn't lose the disk afterall. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from that photo shoot.
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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Now is the time for the bride to throw a little hissy fit.

Ok so a lot of you have been by the wedding website and know by now that I did not have ideal weather for my outdoor wedding, so my outdoor wedding got squished indoors with people standing room only in the living room and kitchen. I walked down the aisle, as it were next to trays of meatballs. All of this while not exactly what we had planned makes the day more memorable and funny to all involved. We had the reception outside anyway and danced and ate in the rain. All in all it was not the day I had thought it was but somehow through it all the day was made better because of the rain. The last song we played was Greendays Good Riddance that now plays on my blog. The words it is something unpredictable but in the end it's right, I hope you had the time of your life, could not have been better written for the wedding we had just experienced. For that I get a little choked up everytime I hear that song.

I could go on and list all the other magnitude of things that went wrong that day and week but in the end there really is no point, my day was perfect in it's own way and I knew all along that things would go wrong. I have always really loved the rain so I guess I can view that as a gift in away.

However having said all of this there is one thing that I will freak out about and it is the one thing I truly stressed out about before the wedding. Pictures! We were guaranteed in our contract that we would have the proofs within 3 weeks of the wedding. It has been 5 and still no proofs. When I call the photographer I am told the same thing each time and never get to speak to anyone in the know. I am quite frankly pissed off now. We won't even start on the fact that the photographer we actually hired didn't show up and he sent his daughter and 2 people we never met instead because if the pictures turn out I don't care. What I do care about is that it is 5 weeks after my wedding and I have seen my f-ing pictures and we have already paid the whole balance for the pictures. Is it really that hard to answer simple questions like when will I see my proofs and what is happening with our engagement album that I gave you a list of pictures for 6 1/2 weeks ago? I will say this for any person who happens to google them, DO NOT USE ALAN BRENT PHOTOGRAPHY IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!!!!!

So long story shorter I will be driving down to their studio tomorrow and I will not be leaving until I have my proofs and disks and a firm answer on my albums. If I do not receive satisfaction then the next week they will receive a summons from our lawyer for several counts of breech of contract. Don't piss off a wet bride!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Sunday was mine and Brad's 6th anniversary of our first date. Some of you may not know that we met at Disneyland and since I worked there at the time and Brad had a season pass we ended up there on our first date as well. Since it was a Sunday 6 years ago and since we are now married it seemed perfect to go there again. We actually got season passes while there Sunday so we will be going back a lot in the next year. Anyway we had a blast and the fireworks were amazing. So here are a few pictures from our amazing anniversary. For a complete ;ook at the pictures I took go here
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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Honeymoon pictures

Here are a few pictures I took during our honeymoon. Details and such will come at a later date with the whole breakdown of events. In anycase these are pictures of Rome, Pisa, Florence, and Paris. Enjoy I did.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm back

well we are back at home and the cat's are finally forgiving us for leaving them. Poor Pixel doesn't want to leave my side for even a second and she has gotten a little annoying with her neediness. There is so much for me to say and type about the week leading up to the wedding and the wedding and honeymoon, but it will have to wait until I type it all out together in word and then transfer it over. We should hopefully get the proofs by Saturday and if all goes well they will send them to us on disk as well so we can post some. Currently Brad has all the pictures we have been sent from friends and family on his computer so I don't have access to them to show you. However he has posted some on our wedding site so if you want you can head over to the wedding site and click the link under news. I think that will take you straight there. It is funny how very few things at the wedding turned out like I expected but the day was made more perfect by all of the changes that occurred.

In other more recent news, now that the wedding is over I finally cut my hair. I had almost 4 inches cut off and even though my hair is still well past my shoulders I feel like I have short hair. The cut was a very good thing as the ends were rather damaged and my hair was looking stringy. It now looks healthy and full again, and even Brad admitted that the shorter hair looks better on me. He had been unsure of me cutting off my long hair because he really liked it. I like that he can't lay down on it anymore and accidently tug it while I am sleeping. No I don't have pictures of the new hair cut either maybe soon. Anyway that is about it for right now, I shall post again soon.

Friday, June 02, 2006


So we are still having a great time and we are currently in Firenze known to Americans as Florence. We still have so much to say that can not be said in the few minutes we have at the interenet spot we are in. Last night we checked in to our first hotel here, long story as to why this is our first hotel. When we went to the room we saw that for the first time in Italy we had a tub. In that tub were jets and I decided a nice bath was in order. I filled the tub and got in and started the jets. The thing was I think the jets were literally jet engine powered because water went shotting all over the room and the jets would not turn off. It caused such a comotion that Brad came running in to see if I was alright. We finally got the jets turned down but for the life off us we couldn't get them off. I took a bath and after awhile the water started getting low and the jets started spurting water across the room again. I yelled at Brad to help and he came in and told me to stop doing that. Finally I got out of the tub to keep the jets from bouncing off me. Still we could not get the jets off, nor the water to drain. Brad called the front desk to help and I quickly pulled on clothes over my wet body to not be naked when the desk person came. He finally figured out how to turn everything off and left. There was water everywhere. What can I say I make a comotion where ever I go.