Thursday, October 26, 2006

Insert witty title here

SO I was sitting at my computer this afternoon with the garage door open and I heard someone at the dumpster. I looked over to see who it was, so I could quickly close the door if it was an annoying neighbor, and I saw him. The Grim Reaper was taking out the trash. So I began to wonder what kind of trash does the grim reaper accumulate? I am hoping it was an early Halloween thing but really who takes out the trash in full costume? In other news we are finally getting our new fences and I am very happy about it. It will be nice to have a 6 food fence surrounding my patio and front door instead of the old 3 foot fence. We live on the busiest street in Los ANgeles so it will be nice to have a bigger fence and more sound proofing. The new fence is also this weird plastic material so it won't have termites like the old redwood fences did. They were in bad shape.

I seemed to have found my bladder so you all can call off the search party. It seems that the coffee and soup diet didn't agree with my bladder so I had some solids today and that seemed to help soak up some of the liquid. Thank you all for your suggestions of me being pregnant I am sure my Mother is holding her breath now and wishing it true. My parents are very excited about the prospect of having Grand children and if they had their way I would have gone off the pill on my wedding day. Speaking of the pill can I just say that I love Seasonale. Having a period every 3 months is wonderful, I recommend it to anyone on the pill. It was really nice while planning the wedding and honeymoon that I knew I didn't have to pack Tampons. Although I didn't think about using them to hide stuff in my purse like Bossy does.

So we used to have Comcast Cable and it was annoying and would have some outages and we thought it was really bad. Then Time Warner bought Comcast and our cruddy service went from cruddy to shitty. We lose internet connection everyday at least once if not three or four times a day. They had our whole cable down from Friday night to Sunday night and their customer service was of no help. In short they are awful and we are trying to see now if we have a better option than them. I am saying now though for the record Time Warner Sucks! So when my whole internet isn't out I try to visit you guys and to post here only to have blogger being out. So annoying. So if I have left you no love lately you will know why. Everything sucks.

When oh when is the world series going to be over? I miss House and new runs of shows. I hate October baseball. Give me back my good shows! Anyway I have a klondike bar with my name on it and I am going to go eat it.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


At some point last night I lost something that is very important to me. I have looked everywhere but I can not find it. I am not sure how I will live a normal life if it is not found so I shall keep searching. I am thinking of putting up missing poster across the town to see if maybe someone has found it and picked it up. I don't know what to do but not having this has gotten really annoying. Before last night I would hold it for long stretches of time and it never let me down, but now I am afraid it is gone. You see I have lost my dear bladder and today every 15 minutes I have had to run to the bathroom to potty. What is up with that? So if you see my bladder out there can you please send it back to me? You can just send it to the nearest bathroom cause I will be there.

So I had a genius plan this week that this week would be soup week and every night I would make a different soup. Monday was cream of asparagus soup. Tuesday was Butternut Squash with Caramelized Apples. Tonight was Artichoke Heart soup. Tomorrow will be French onion soup. Friday we will probably have some of the left overs. Anyway I have made huge pots of soup everynight and I have packaged up the extras and froze them so we can have them later on when I don't feel like cooking. Brad was actually really happy to have a theme week and has been excited to try each new soup. He also gets to take fresh made soup with him to work the next day and I think he likes that too. So last night when he came home he said this whole having a theme for a week is working out really well you should do that all the time. I guess he doesn't realize how much work it is to do that. Plus I think it would get old. If you ate in the same genre all week I think you would get tired of it. I just like the idea of going into fall with lots of soups already to go in the freezer.

Well I have to go my 15 minutes are up and I must return to the bathroom. I also need to get upstairs and take my beef stock off the stove and strain it and chill it for tomorrows soup. I was happily surprised to learn that I could get soup bones from the grocery store butcher. They were $1.39 a pound and I have made like 5 gallons of stock so I think it was worth it for the price. I will let you know tomorrow when we have the soup though.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I am here, sort of.

I have been trying to visit everyones blog and to keep up with them, but I have felt uninspired to write anything here. I suppose I could tell you about lots of stuff but I really don't feel like saying much. Maybe it is that I have too much to say that I don't know where to begin so it is easier to say nothing. In anycase I haven't written for two weeks and I guess I should say something. Brad's car had a bad two weeks and it now has a brand new clutch, power steering, toggle switches, passenger door lock, oh no handle in the back, and something else I can't remember. So for the last two weeks I have been doing all the driving. We finally got his car back on Saturday and we hope it will be awhile before it has to go to the doctor again. I however am having my annual Dr. violation on Friday. I know the annual visit is neccessary but man does it suck to have to disrobe and put your feet in stirrups. I mean usually if some on is going to touch all my buts and pieces I at least get a dinner out of it, but with the doctor I have to pay for the torture.

SO this brings me to my question. I will only see a female gyno, do the rest of you have a preference if the doctor is male or female? I am not sure why I won't go to a man but the fact is I won't so we will leave it at that. Next after a pap I feel gross and slimy for the rest of the day, similar to being on my period, does that happen to anyone else? Then there is the question of underwear. I always wear my best undies when I go for a pap, but the Dr. has you disrobe before they ever come into the room, so why do I feel it necc. to have the best undies on? Anyway I could go on and on about my irrational Dr. quirks but instead I will ask what weird things do you worry about or do prior to your visit?

The movie Brad was just working on comes out in theatres on Friday and we are excited about it, Flags of Our Fathers. We got to see a crew screening last wednesday and the movie is really good. I will say that if you don't like war movies there are parts that are pretty graphic, but the story is very good and the effects don't look effecty. It was really nice to see a movie that all the guys were proud to work on for a change, because often films with a lot of effects are more about the effects than telling a story. We saw the movie at the academy award theatre, which is where they screen films to be nominated. the picture quality there is better than at any other theatre and the movie looked great. I have never been there before because it isn't exactly a place the public can go to the movies in. On either side of the screen are giant Oscar statues. It was strange watching a movie looking at the statues when you are pretty sure the film will be nominated for an oscar. I wanted to take pictures to show you guys but we weren't allowed to bring cameras in. Security was really strict there so I din't try either.

So that is all for now. I may post pictures later from Disneyland Halloween yesterday. I also took a video of the haunted mansion. If I can load it into you tube I will post it.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY


So we had a great time at the zoo. The Tigers and Monkeys stoled the day because they were so animated. The Tigers were running around chasing each other playing tag just like a giant version of our cats. I know nat there rough housing would definately keep us up because our little 10 pound tornatos make a lot of noice on the stairs. The monkey were great too. We got there right as the trainer was throwing out apples and other vegetation and they were a lot of fun to watch srambling for all they could carry. I will post pictures up on my picasa link later today if anyone wants to check it out. I am not sure what time today I will post that so don't knock yourselfs getting there until later tonight. Currently it is not yet 8 am and I have been up since 4am. The hubs couldn't sleep so he kept me up too. I am now wide awake and he has fallen back asleep upstairs. Man does he owe me. So I am going to keep this post short and go to the living room couch to see if I can catch even a few zzzs before it is too late. Posted by Picasa