Saturday, September 30, 2006

Come Here Pretty Lady


A preview of the view for all of you. We had a great day. More details and pictures to come later. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 29, 2006

Yet another stop motion sunset

So the sunsets around here have been pretty incredible and I can't resist taking a little stop motion video. I had wondered what the use of this feature was until we started going out to take pictures of our awesome sunsets. Now you all can watch it with me. Brad slowed it down for me so it is a little easier to watch than the last one.

I had yet another interview today. It went fine but I am feeling better about the whole process now anyway. After all this though, my client that I haven't heard from since the wedding called to book me for Tuesday. I guess I had to give up on the business for anything to happen. I still plan to get a real job but it is nice to know that there is some work out there if I want it.

I don't talk much about my faith on here but it is something that is very important to me and to Brad. Tonight we had the most incredible Shabbat service ever. I had tears in my eyes at the power of God's work. This was a new trial service and we all sat in a round and sang and worshipped together. I don't remember the last time I felt God's presence more clearly. Sunday we have Yom Kippur services and all day Monday. This is a very long day as we do not eat, drink, shower, brush our teeth or anything else that seperates us from animals. It sounds hard but it is a small price to pay for forgiveness and a clean slate.

I had something else I wanted to say but I have forgotten what that was. This can mean only one thing, it was terribly important. Oh one thing is that we are going to go to the zoo tomorrow so come back for lots of pictures of the experience. I love the zoo so much so I am so excited to get to go tomorrow. I am in trouble when we have kids cause I will be more excited about these kinds of things than they will.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Hopefully above is a stop motion movie I took of a recent sunset. If it isn't there what can I say oh well something else I suck at.

So part of why I have been absent from here is that I have been focusing my energy on finding a job. This is by no means an easy prospect for me. First it is admitting that I am not capable of making a go at my own business. This in and of itself was a hard blow to my ego. Then there is the whole process of scouring the job boards sending out resumes and going to interviews. I hate this more than I can ever describe. Some of you may have the mistaken impression that I am a confident person, this is not true. I fill out each application knowing that in every aspect of me that there is someone that can do it better. So I go and I fake being the confident person. I try to believe that I am the best for the job and that really I am the best qualified. Some times I pull it off and I see myself as good enough for the position. I feel like if I fooled me I should have fooled them too. I leave the interview and wait for the call to see if I am chosen. The phone never rings. I suck up all my courage secretly knowing if I have to call them I didn't get the job, but I call none the less, still trying not to get my hopes up. They answer and tell me "We decided to go with another candidate." I choke back tears and say quickly before they get the best of me thank you, and hang up. The rest of the day I will now spend analyzing everything. What was the reason, was I too fat, too stupid, too underqualified, too over qualified. Was I just not likeable, did I have something on my teeth? Did I try to hard, or not hard enough? All in all the questions come and the only real answer is that there is always someone better than me. So then this new question arises, how many better people are trying for the same jobs as I am before I am found good enough. Why does this whole process reduce me to the kid on the playground being the last picked for dodgeball? How do I continue this process when I feel more beaten by the day?

Beyond all this though there are the people that you tell you scored an interview that are rooting for you. Now that you once again were found wanting how do you face them and tell them you failed? I feel like crap and really talking about this is about the last thing I want to do, yet there are so many people that know, so I must put it out there.

So I have stayed away from here because quite frankly I feel like crap about myself and the knowledge that even here I am not good enough, smart enough, or clever enough to receive much feedback is more than my ego could handle. But right now I am feeling pretty low because truth be told this was the job I wanted and I know I was qualified for it. I know I would have been good at it. I know I wanted it more and that the person that got it only wanted a job and not this job. So my first thought was that I hope this person sucks at the job and that every day the manager kicks herself for choosing poorly. I know that is not the right way to feel but I can't help it. I need the encouragement of my little blog family, and I will try to forget how much better at this some of you are than me.

I do have other jobs that I have interview with or applied for that are still in the works and so in a couple of days this can all resolve and I will feel stupid for feeling so raw about it. But if any of you out there are hiring people please remember what it feels like to be the person applying. We would love feedback without chasing you down. We are vulnerable. We are taking some serious hits to our egos so be gentle with us. Don't ask for a lot of information form them if you don't plan to hire them. If you know in the interview you won't be hiring them let them know then so they aren't waiting for you.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I haven't really felt much like blogging so I took a little break. I am still a bit frustrated with blogger and I am hoping that they work out some of their glitches and the whole weirdness with the beta blogs. I don't know how to explain why I needed to get away from here for awhile other than I felt like I was reading or writing about life more than I was living it and I needed to balance some. So while I was gone I have taken lots of pictures, baked brownies, invented a new burger, shampooed the carpet, played video games, played board games, seen my brothers new car, and watched tv. I could probably go in to a lot more detail on any one of those things but I really don't feel like it so I will leave it at that. I have tried to go by everyones blogs but I wasn't able to comment on everyone because blogger wasn't playing nice today. So if you are on my roll call and didn't get a note consider yourself hugged.
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Friday, September 08, 2006

Scary Day

So I was in my house tooling around this afternoon, when I started hearing a lot of sirens. Sirens in my neighborhood aren't that uncommon as we live across the street from a nursing home. But the Sirens kept coming and I could hear a lot of people outside. I looked out the back and to my shock this is what I saw. The building diagonal from me was on fire and we had lots of fireman to fight it. I should say from the beginning that no one was hurt and the owners of this unit got out ok. I live in Culver City which has it's own fire department, this is a very good thing. Within 2 minutes of the fire department being called they were already here fighting the fire. They got the fire out and kept it from spreading to any other unit or even any more of their unit then the bedroom it started in. It was amazing to see these men stand on the roof and saw any and the burning wood. They were so quick and we had more then 7 fire trucks here. It was really a site to behold. I chose not to take any more pictures of the incedent because I felt wrong in taking pictures, so I didn't take any until the fire was out. Now the question remains what is the best thing to do for these people now that the fire is over nad they can't go back home. Another neighbor has offered them a place to stay so I am planning to go over tomorrow and offer to make meals for them until they are back on their feet. Does this seem like the right thing to do. Tomorrow we will also be going through the house and making sure all the wires are safe and that there is no dust bunnies near outlets. I also plan to talk to our home owners association about an emergency plan and a way of helping people out after a crisis. So I would like to encourage everyone to go check your house and make sure you don't have fire hazards around. Also make a plan for emergencies you never know when there will be one.
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Site Meter

Ok so I put in a site meter because I was curious who was reading me and how they found me. I have had it for awhile now and most of the times people google their way here it makes sense and I don't question it. There seems to be a lot of people who google chocolate cars and from that they find me no problem. Today though I was a little taken back when I found this was someone googled me. "why won't you have dirty hot sex with me?" Furthermore I was the only hit. Ok when looking back I can see how this happened. First of all because of the quotes it set me apart. Second of all it is a lyric from a song that I posted about over a year ago. It was a funny story about my boss, a very prudish christian and she kept walking in when this song came on the radio and then she would promptly leave. But I can't help but wonder if the person that was search for that was disappointed when they read my otherwise pretty tame blog. I mean I suppose with a phrase like that you would have certain expectations, that I certainly can't live up too.

So why is it that every time I go to some ones blog that has word verification I get the worlds longest most illegible word and once I type it in correctly using the power of the force the next word that appears that I am not getting is like 4 letters long and in large easy to read font? I mean I already hate those stupid things to begin with why to I have to get the impossible words? Anyway that is my vent for today.

Last night we had a very nice dinner with friends for Brad's birthday. The food all turned out well and everyone seemed to have a good time. It is nice being able to make dinner at home and have people over. It is also nice to not have to drive anywhere after. We had lots of wine. Now we have lots of leftovers. Anyway I hope you all have a great weekend. See you all later.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy Birthday

Warning if you should see this man out and about today you are required by law to shout Happy Birthday to him. He has turned 27 today and he gets more handsome every day. So feel free to stop by his blog and leave him a birthday comment. Comments make his day. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 04, 2006


So for those of you even remotely interested in viewing some of the pictures I have taken lately you can now view them whenever you wish here

In other news we have had a very good three day weekend. On Saturday we went on our photo safari and if you read the post from then you already know that. Yesterday we went on a bike ride with our Rabbi and we talked with him and had a nice time. We came home and rested a bit and then went to dinner with Jens and Megan and went to see Beerfest. Dinner was nice and Beerfest was just as stupid as it looked. Today we sat around the house until 12:30 and then had lunch with Gordon. Apparently today the police were everywhere so we drove very carefully. After lunch we came home and hung out for a while and then went to see Invincible. The movie was very likeable and it is a nice feel good story. The movie itself was enjoyable but for some reason we were in the gross out noises section. Through the whole movie people were loudly snorting their snot, blowing their noses, burping, farting, and any other foul noise their bodies would make. The sad thing is it was from different groups of people and the noises were real not for effect. So I need you all to keep good thoughts that I didn't catch the plague at the movie theatre. After the movie we went to dinner and Gordon met us. We were seated and we got drinks, a long while after we order drinks they arrived. We ordered food and sat and talked. 30 minutes later our food was still not on the table and no one had been by to refill our drinks. Then our food came from a runner and still no sign of our server and no refills. I got up and grabbed the glasses and went over to the bar. When our server saw me at the bar with the glasses he came running to serve me. I told him we had waited forever and he never came by. I sat back down and began to eat my salad. I had a bite of it when I saw it was covered in tomatoes. I hate raw tomatoes and order them to be left off. So sent the salad back. When it finally returned to the table the boys had already finished eating. I looked at my salad not very hungry by that point and saw that in addition to the cubes of almost raw tri tip on the salad I was also given all the fat chunks and Grissle. Yeah disgusting. So at this point we get the manager over and so her the nasty food I had just been served. Her response, I will have them make you a new one. Yeah at this point I don't think so. I have lost my appetite and patience. I removed all the disgusting chunks and took the rest to go. Of course my meal was free. The funny thing is we are friends with the corporate chef, so Brad took pictures of my food and emailed them to corporate. I hope they step up cause that was terrible. Brad was making fun of me after the fact because this always happens to me. I probably have a terrible meal 1 out of 5 meals out. When I say terrible I mean like this too not mild mistakes. I swear I am not overly bitchy or picky I just have a knack for getting bad service.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hollywood Sign, The Grove and Sunset

Today Brad and I went on a photo safari. What that means is we leave the house with all our camera gear and see where the day takes us. So todays pictures are all pretty local. The first is at Third and Fairfax on the roof of the parking garage. This is where the famous Los Angeles Farmers Market is. Today was such a beautiful day you could clearly see the Hollywood sign. Often here it is too muggy to see the sign. The second picture is of the fountain at the Grove part of Third and Fairfax, a very trending shopping center. The last picture is of the sunset taken in the baseball park down the street from our house. It seems to be a popular spot to watch the sunset as a lot of people drove up with cameras to do the same thing. Later I may post some of the night shots I got. I love night photography it is my new obsession.

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