Monday, August 27, 2007

I am alive and still pregnant

I haven't been around much lately because I am trying to get things done before the baby comes. Saturday I had my second baby shower at my brothers. We had a great time and we now have everything we need for the baby I think. My Mom is here and will be for a couple more days. On Wednesday we are having new floors put in the living room so that it is cleaner and safer for the baby as our carpet has seen better days. So anyway I am busy and won't be around much for the rest of the week. Hopefully once the floors are done we can relax and just wait out the baby.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Have some cheese to go with my whine.

Be prepared for a whiny post ahead. Ok so I thought I was strong and handling pregnancy and all that came with it. I thought I was a big girl and I could get through it without whining too much about the side effects. This weekend I learned I was wrong. Now I have handled the hemorroids, constipation, moodiness, exhaustion, bloating, and even one night throwing up my dinner still sitting at the dinner table at a restaurant with my bro and almost sister in law. I believe that I never once whined on here about any of those things. Heck to some degree I thought these symptoms were funny. But saturday morning I woke up with the worst side effect I have ever heard of. Now I guess I should say I have never been one to get zits and maybe only ever get one a month during my cycle. In the last few weeks though I have been breaking out fairly regularly. I have had zits on my lips several times and I thought they were the worst place to get one, that is until Saturday. I woke up and my right eye hurt so bad I thought I might have pink eye. I went to the bathroom and found no I didn't have pink eye I have a zit forming on my eyelid right above my eyelashes. Now who the hell has ever gotten a zit on their eyelid? Anyway add the painful zits to the sleeplessnes, the complete inability to find a comfortable position, and the extreme pressure on my hips and bladder making me likely to pee my pants at the threat of a sneeze or a bump in the road, and I will say I am over being pregnant and would really like this baby to come early. Brad doesn't want him to come yet but since he isn't carrying the baby and flatly refuses to be the pregnant one for even a day he doesn't get a vote. I guess I really don't get a vote either but if I did I would say come early little man, Mommy wants to meet you.

This weekend we went about getting new cell phones and getting on a family plan. I got a new Blackberry Pearl in red and Brad ordered the iphone that I believe arrived today. Of course this means that Brad has taken over my laptop because it is much better to pair the iphone with the mac then with a pc. Ahh sweet apple I loved you while you were mine. We will have to have our love affair during the day while my husband is at work. Anyway I love my new phone and it has enabled me to be even more obsessive about checking my email. It is nice having a whole keyboard to type on instead of the old way of text messaging. I have found I can keep up a little more with Brad's texts. I am sure I will get faster when I get used to where all the keys are. I still have to figure out how to invite other blackberry users to be in my circle so I promise when I have Brad home to show me I will ask him how to send you my code Penni.

Last night I went and took a lactation class, to help ease my fears about feeding this little man when he comes out. I took my friend with me who just finished her first trimester. I think we must have been the most immature people in the class cause we were the ones giggling at milk oozing from nipples on the video. There were also several parts where I was cringing at the thought. It is still weird to me that these enormous spill catchers are going to provide the thing to solely sustain my child for the first 6 months of his life. The body is an amazing thing and I am happy that these things will finally have a purpose other than to prove what a slopping eater I am. Anyway I am glad that I took the class. My friend was glad to have gone too and knows now that she needs to take classes from her hospital to see how things will be done there. Tonight we have our very last prepared child birth class. I guess after that we will know all we are going to know to actually have the baby. Oh in case any of you are counting I am due in 32 days. Can you believe that 32 more days and then we will have a little us.

I think that is all I have left to say of any value. I will post more later when I have something worth saying.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Because I am Worth It

Yesterday I took an all about me day. First our cleaning lady came and did all the deep cleaning for our house. It is so nice to have someone do the things like scrub the toilets, even if we can only have her come every other week. I then left the house and went to the mall and looked for a light weight robe to wear at the hospital. I pulled into the parking lot and low and behold the expectant mother spot was open and available. I parked and waddle into the mall and headed into JCPenny. I found a silk robe that fit around my enormous belly and headed to the register, what do you know the robe was even on sale for 20 bucks, yeah me. I was so excited that not only did I find what I was looking for but I found it at the first store I went too. What can I say Penny's has always been very good to me.

From the mall I went to get my hair trimmed as it was really overdue. I got it trimmed up and it now looks a lot healthier. It still looks pretty gray but I won't use a permanent dye until after I give birth because I don't want to be around all those harsh chemicals. After that I decided to go to the nail salon that is in the same shopping center. I got a manicure and a pedicure and I have to admit it felt great. I ended up paying extra to have my callouses removed and then to have a scrub done. I know I have feet issues but the lady wore fresh gloves and massaged my feet and I loved it. I guess if there is no fear of you touching another part of my body with the hands you touched my feet with I can relax into it. Ok stop laughing at me all of you I know my issues don't make sense but I looked at yesterday as progress. Anyway it was a great treat and I felt like a million bucks when it was done. It is nice to be pampered every once in awhile.

Then last night I had my fourth prepared childbirth class. It included the hospital tour. I was a little sad that Brad was missing it but I took my Doula with me and so it was nice to have her support there. I think it was good for her as well. Anyway when we got to the end of the tour we were looking at the rooms that we would stay in after the baby was born, they are kind of small but right across from it is the nursery with glass windows to look in. While we were there a newborn baby and Daddy were in there getting his first bath. Daddy was beet red and you could tell was very happy. At first he had a video camera out video taping the bath. Then he pulled out a digital camera and started taking still pictures. Then he pulled out his iphone and began to text meesage everyone he knew. I was giggling so hard at him because even though I won't be there to see it when our son is bathed I know that is exactly the progression that Brad will go through. I just kept saying that is exactly what my husband will do.

Brad is having a good time at the conference thus far but you would never know it from the text messages I have gotten. The first one said we all crammed into a cab to get to the convention center and my phone got smooshed and cracked the screen so now it doesn't work right anymore. The next message was at 7 last night as I was pulling into the hospital. It stated a bird just shat on me! Again I had to laugh, if he had been with me that wouldn't have happened. So I am wondering what the next text will hold. He has called a couple of times to check in, I am guessing he is worried about me. His calls are very short and always while he is running to the next thing with the guys usually involving beer, so I am farely certain he is having fun despite the little set backs.

Today I am going to go do something with my friend Megan, who's husband is with Brad. I have no idea what we are going to do but I am sure we will find something to keep us busy and get us in trouble. I am sure I will have something to tell later of our nights activities. Well I think I might be off to the pool to try to relax and cool off. Elijah seems to really like the water and it is good for me to have the weight taken off my body for a little while.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

We have fallen to the man.

You know that you have lost it a bit when you drive by a gas station and get all excited that the gas is only $2.93 a gallon. You get even more excited that the gas is Chevron I mean that shit has techron. So we pulled in as my very thirsty needed gas anyway. $35 later we pulled out feeling as though we had pulled one over on the man. It was then I realized how sad that really was. I mean when I got my license gas was just under a buck a gallon so has inflation really gotten to the point where 3 times the price is a deal? I know minimum wage hasn't tripled since then so why are we so accepting of being reamed up the rear by our goods getting so inflated? Well the thing is we really don't have a choice do we, I mean I am in no condition to walk or ride my bike everywhere I need to be. So I continue to pay the price for gas and whine like a school kid each time the price goes up. Oh well I am not here offering any sort of solution I am just merely pointing out the saddness of it all.

Tomorrow morning Brad leaves for his yearly geek conference. He will be gone until Thursday night and I will be left to my own devices. I hope he has a great time in his last getaway before fatherhood strikes. I have a feeling I will go a little stir crazy being home alone the next few days. We will see what kind of trouble I can find.

Well we didn't go on a photo safari as we couldn't think of anything cool enough to get out and do. We did have brunch at the beach this morning though and so a few pictures were taken. Brad posted them on his flickr so if you can figure out how to find them you can see them there. I would post a link but I am feeling way to lazy for that and I would like to limit the amount of people that see how truly enormous I have become. Oh well I am sure I will get bigger before this is over and I am a little frightened with how huge that will be. Well in 3 weeks I am considered full term and in 6 weeks I will have reached my due date. Those dates are getting scary.

Friday, August 03, 2007

I am not going anywhere

It seems as though a lot of my fellow bloggers have given up their blogs or are taking a hiatus. This makes me very sad as reading everyones blogs everyday is what has kept me relatively sane. I will say for the record even if everyone else leaves I intend to continue blogging. Yes I know I haven't been the greatest blogger in the world and with a new life coming next month I will not even dare to promise to be better anytime soon. I will promise to continue to post on my at least once a weekish kind of schedule. So that is my vow to you the faithful readers.

Today I had the car seat inspected by the CHP. I had attached it using the latch system in the middle seat. Apparently that is not the safest way to install it as the latches are too far apart in the middle so they reinstalled it using the center seat belt. Now the seat is safely installed and ready for Elijah to come. While there another lady had her car seats being done. When I asked her when she was due she said next week. Wow nothing like waiting until the last second, good thing she didn't go into early labor. I never thought I was a prepare ahead of time kind of person but this baby is proving me to be more organized and less procrastination then I have ever considered myself. I guess you never really know what type of person you are until you are tested.

As far as I know we have a pretty chill weekend planned but we will see. I am sure we will end up packing it full of things to do. Maybe we will even break out the cameras and I will have some pictures to post. We haven't gone on a photo safari in a little while mostly my fault as I get hot and tired so easy it is harder to go on our safaris. We will see if I can think of someplace cool that has places for me to sit. We will see, I can't think about anything off the top of my head. Maybe there is some drive through photo oppertunities I don't know about. Ok well I can't think of anything else to say so I guess I should just shut up.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August has arrived

I can't believe that it is already August! That means that next month Brad and I will be parents to a real human, how scary is that. I can't believe how fast time is flying by. Last night we had our 3rd prepared childbirth class. Only 2 more and we are on our own to figure out this whole giving birth thing. I guess you can say I am excited and scared silly all at the same time. I can't wait to hold my little boy and gaze at his face and know I don't have to hand him back to someone. Of course then I also worry that i won't know what to do and I will do everything wrong. I am guessing the truth is I will do some things wrong and somethings right and somehow they will balance each other out. It is just weird to know that next month he will be here.

I have really enjoyed having air conditioning. I even baked cookies this weekend knowing it wouldn't make the house to hot. I took them to 2 different parties over the weekend and everyone loved them. I guess that shouldn't be too surprising as who doesn't love peanutbutter kiss cookies. I have to say though it is nice to have my ego petted when everyone says how good my cookies are. Ok so there you have it I admit to loving the attention I get for my baked goods.

I know I had more I was going to say but I sdon't remember what in the heck it was. Oh well maybe I will remember later and you few that are still reading will have more than one post in a week. Oh I know one thing was that I had an ob appointment yesterday and an ultrasound. Elijah is growing very fast now and weighs 4 pounds 13 ounces. He has a strong heartbeat and looks to be developing well. I asked if it was still a boy and the tech showed me to big circles and says that is a boy if I have ever seen one. Brad was so proud that his boy had such a big pair. Leave it to a man to be more impressed that his son has a big pair than that he is developing well. As for me I have gained a total of 5 pounds so far this pregnancy which means I will end up weighing less after giving birth than I started out the pregnancy, go me! My blood pressure is good and my urine was clear. I don't have excessive swelling so it looks like everything is good and that it is just a matter of waiting for him to be ready.

Well that is enough for today. I wouldn't want to over stimulate you guys.