Thursday, August 31, 2006

MY Bad Day

So you know you are going to have one of those days, when at 1:30 in the morning you wake up and realize you had better run to the bathroom not walk. Then when you get to the bathroom your bum explodes. Better yet is the knowledge that this explosion was only the beginning. So being a loving wife I grabbed my pillow and went downstairs to the couch so I didn't keep my husband up all night. I watched movies and tried to sleep inbetween trips to the bathroom. Pixel was very helpful and cuddled up in my arms and purred slightly feel better Mommy. At 8 am the guy came to install a new faucet in Brad's bathroom. (yes we have separate bathrooms, that is how we are happily married) The worker is employed by our association so he kept running in and out to do other things inbetween. Also other workers would come and would walk in to meet him, not what you want when you feel like crap. At 10 the worker came down and in broken English asked if I had removed anything from the new faucets box, no I hadn't even opened it. Well it was missing the flexible hoses and would have to be returned. So I called Brad and yep he had the receipt in his wallet. Brad called home depot and they said it would be no problem for me to exchange it if I talked to Lance. So I threw clothes on and a hat and went to home depot with the faucet. I asked for Lance and they looked at me as if I was asking for a Martian. I explained the problem and an hour later I left with the parts I was missing. I returned home and tried to get a little rest. I took off my baseball cap and for some reason I looked at the inside brim of the cap, what did my wandering eyes see, a flea in the hat I had just had on my head. Needless to say I have been itching my head all day. Let me clarify that I grabbed the hat from inside the garage my house does not have fleas, I took care of them last week! So I am itchy none the less. Then I try to get online from my laptop in the living room and the stupid wireless won't work. So no internet in the living room. So I am about to crawl under the bed and hide until this day is over when the mail comes. What comes in the mail but a card from my bestest friend, telling me how much she loves me and in it she has given me a gift card to Starbucks. You know really it only takes a small gesture to turn a shit day into a good one. Thanks Susan I needed that.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cheers and Jeers

So recently I have noticed a lot of things that need commenting about and so I have finally decided to post about it. I got my laptop running online so I am able to post from in in the living room where it isn't so hot and stuffy. Today's post will be about giving credits where credit is due and ripping to shreds things that need to be ripped.

Cheer- Little Miss Sunshine, the cutest funniest movie I have seen in a long time. I laughed the whole way through and it was nice to have a movie that had some smart humor for a change. I also loved that they were eating Dinah's chicken which is down the street from here.

Jeer- Snakes On a Plane, a very bad film if you are a woman. Brad loved it though but I wanted to leave the whole time we were there. Blood, guts and stupidity were a little too much for me.

Cheer- To friends that are always there for you and enjoy spending time with us. Playing board games and just hanging out and talking, it is nice to know that we are cared about.

Jeer- To any asshat that spits their gum were the rest of us walk. If Brad or I step in one more piece of gum someone is going down. In the last 2 weeks we have landed in gum 4 times. Use a trash can people. Also don't spit your gum on seats either because I don't appreciate sitting in your gum.

Cheer- To my little community and how you work together. Every year Brad and I go to the local city fair and we are always amazed at what a great little city we live in. We also have the best police and fire departments in the world and we are so happy that we have them to help us if we need it.

Jeer- To the fast food companies that in the wake of overwhelming obesity react by starting to serve another daily meal called snack time. Do we really need to run to McDonald's for a midafternoon snack? I am sorry but I would rather have fruit, or something healthy to snack on.

Cheer- to the fruit companies that are staring to sell fruit in snack packs that can easily be taken to go to work or to school. I think it is important that they are making some healthier choices easily available.

Jeer- To my home owners association for once again lying to us and pushing our fences farther into the future and not bothering to tell us. Our fences were supposed to be the next to be put up which would mean that next week we would start getting the new fence in our unit. Today when I asked the contractors if we were next they told me no they would be doing all the other buildings first. The thing is we live on the street and need only have a 3 foot fence which has caused our house to be broken into. Why are they doing all the interior units that don't have a safety issue first? I am ticked off that they didn't even bother to tell us they weren't doing our fence until last.

Cheers- To all my fellow bloggers that are way better about blogging than I am. These same people are quick to compliment and to offer advice and I think it is important to know that I love you all. I hope that you all get as much out of blogging as I do.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Where I have been and for Moto

So the top picture is what I have been doing all week and why I haven't been posting. I printed out pictures framed them and hung them so now our living room has our art on the walls. The last pictures I took at the Culver City City fair today. The dog is a belgium Malinois, sorry Soozieq if I spelled that wrong. Soozieq's Moto is the same breed and she is always saying her dog is spazzy. Well these are highly trained police dogs and they tended to be a little spazzy as well so I took pictures and video to prove that Moto is perfect for his breed. I shall try to post one of the videos later. Hope you all are having a good weekend.
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Friday, August 18, 2006

Some times Stupid just follows you

Ok so I decided that I wanted popcorn for lunch today. Perhaps all the corn in Iowa made me crave all of it's varieties. Anyway I popped the corn and when it was done I poured it into a bowl. I had all of the popped corn in the bowl and I was setting down the pan, when all of a sudden one last kernal decided to pop. It flew out of the pan and hit me right in the eye. The force was hard enough to remove skin from my eyelid. So soon I will have a scab on my eye lid. Very attractive I am sure. So like I said sometimes stupid just follows you through out the day.

Today I got a call from a close friend that is beginning to plan her own wedding and is stressing out. She is at the point now where wedding plans are no longer fun. Man do I remember that well and I am so glad our wedding is over. She was trying to find a dress today and left the shop feeling so discouraged. I am glad that I can be there for her now and help her to know she is not alone. It is funny how such a joyous occasion can suck all the life source out of you for months to come.

So ok 3 posts in one day. I bet you all think I have gone crazy.

Pay attention to me

This little face needs constant love and attention. Currently she has snuck down into my office with me and keeps trying to stand on my keyboard. The thing is she can get kind of annoying and she drools. It can be very hard to type with her on your lap and getting her fur in your mouth. On the other hand she is so damn cute that you can't help but love her. And Soozieq I don't know what you are talking about, I would never post a bunch of times in a row to bury a bad post. Posted by Picasa


Today at Chocolate Cars we will talk about some of the rules of traveling. First if you have a weak bladder and will have to get up multiple times during a 4 hour flight don't book the window seat. The girl trying to sleep on the aisle is getting ticked off that everytime she falls asleep you need out to pee. Second when you body check someone on the way to the bathroom apologize to them, it is only polite. Third if your kid is a screamer during the whole flight perhaps you should consider sedating them so everyone else in the plane doesn't have to listen to them scream. Fourth if the news and all the postings all around the airport say no liquid, don't argue with the screener for telling you that you must throw out your coffee.

At the hotel if you work for the cleaning crew and your hotel doesn't supply do not disturb signs, for the love of all that is good and holy don't knock on the door at 8:30 am. To some travelers it could be several hours earlier. Also if you do knock at the door to ask if you can clean and they tell you they are leaving in 3 minutes do not wait another 4 hours to clean the room. The guest may be coming back for a nap and be put out by your being in their room. Also please don't booby trap the closet doors so that when they are opened they come flying off maiming the guest as they try to iron their clothes.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yeah Whatever

Ok so I don't feel like actually downloading the pictures from everything including last weekend on to the blog so instead I will post the link to where Brad posted them instead. Look Here It is a little to stuffy down here to catch up on posting so I will leave you all with the chance to look at pictures if you want too and if not than you can ignore this post altogether. Oh any and all pictures that have me dancing I can not be held responsible for, I was drunk on Cosmos and had promised to dance until the last song played. I did my part! Oh and the tower of glasses, about half those are from me, yeah I am missing parts of my memory of that night. So anyway have fun check out pictures, and don't laugh too hard at my expense.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Don't Leave Us Mommy

So this is what we come home to everyday. The cat's sit on the stairs and greet us and tell us how much they love us. When we go away for more than an afternoon they are there to say to us that they didn't approve of our departure and demand our love and attention from the moment we walk through the garage door. I will say that while it is a little annoying to trip over cats as you try to come in through the garage and make it up to the rest of the house, it is nice to come home to so much love. Today when we got in from the airport there they were.

This is how I feel about blogging some times. I want to see everyone and here what is going on but I feel a little burdened by the responsibility. So I went to by almost everyone and left a comment and I am blogging here cause otherwise JD will come after me and I know better than to mess with a pregnant lady, but I don't really feel like posting. So tomorrow when I have rested from our trip and unpacked I shall tell you all about our trip and catch up with all the meme that I am behind on. Now though I am going to go nurse my catering wounds because it is uncomfortable to have my burnt skin resting on my desk. See you all tomorrow when I am feeling more deserving of your love and attention. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Leaving On a Jet Plane

Ok I am sorry I haven't been around much this week but I have been crazy busy catering two nights this week for 45 people. Both nights went very well but I am beat. My house is a wreck and tomorrow morning at 7:45 we will be catching a plane to Iowa for a friends wedding and we won't return until Monday. It is now 10:40 and I am doing laundry and I still have to pack. I should also at the very least try to find the bottom of my kitchen before I leave. I am thinking there is not much chance of sleep tonight. So I have a thousand things to do but I am here writing to you all. Perhaps my priorities are a little out of whack. Anyway I promise on Monday I will give a real post and do all the memes I have been tagged for. See you later. Have a great weekend.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Back in early December I was out walking when I saw these cars outside the Sony Studios. I live very near the Sony lot so sometimes you see famous stuff. ANyway I saw all these cars and I didn't know what they were for but knew it had to be a movie. So since I had my camera with me I took several pictures and figured sooner or later I would know what the cars were about. Well these are the cars from Will Ferrall's new movie. This afternoon Brad and I went to see the movie and it was really funny. The kind of movie you have to see several times cause you were laughing so hard you missed parts. I won't say it was intellegent humor but we still really liked it.

After the movie Brad and I had lunch and then we went back to the car because we had lots of errands to do and not a lot of time before the first preseason football game. At the theatre complex the parking spots are really narrow so I stood by the car while Brad pulled out. As I was standing there waiting, I noticed a women looking into the window of a MINI convertable and she was obviously in distress and she was talking to someone or something in the back seat. I went over and asked if she was ok and she told me she had locked her keys in the car and her 2 year old was strapped into the back and couldn't get out to get the keys. ALso he has a very bad ear infection and he is quite upset. I got Brad to stop and pull back into his parking spot and we began to try to help this lady. After making many calls we were told all they could do was tow the car to a dealership and then rekey the car. If we wanted something other than that we would have to break a window. We opted to break the window. So Brad got the tire iron out of the car and began to beat the back passanger window senseless but it would not break or shatter. Normally this would be very impressive but under the circumstances it was frustrating. So another man saw what we were doing and came over. We explained the situation and he said he was a parametic and that we were doing it wrong. SO he wrapped his shirt around his fist and tried to punch out the window. That also didn't work. Then the guy takes the tire iron and uses it to pry the little window down. The window went down into the body of the car and the lady was able to get her keys and open the car and calm the baby. SHe was so happy and grateful to be into her car, especially since moments before she was crying and freaking out.

In this situation I was glad to be able to help and I know she was glad for the help. The funny thing to me is that I don't think anyone else would have even noticed that she was in trouble and Lord only knows how long she would have been there trying to figure out what to do. I know that the reason I noticed is because the car was a MINI and they always draw my attention. Brad and I never go to 11 am movies and we rarely go to that theatre because we like several others far more. I think a force greater than us put us there at that moment to help her and I am glad in moments like that my heart is conditioned to hear the call. We didn't gve her any of our information nor did we take hers so we may never know anything more from her. I think that these types of things are strange and maybe someday we will see the whole picture of the day. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

They Giveth and they Taketh Away

Well our Karaoke On Demand was very short lived. It seems that the fine people at the cable company decided they would no longer like to service our area and so they sold us to another inferior company with out even telling us first. We lost more than half of the On demand features we had before and several channels that would get any mans panties in a bunch just days before football season. It seems we have lost the NFL network. My Husband is pissed to say the least.

Now on to my on going problems with our stupid lying Wedding Photographers. When I picked up the Thank you cards and the two disks of pictures she promised she would immediately mail out the third when someone came in to the office that knew how to burn a disk. Don't even get me started on what kind of moron can't even burn a disk if that is the kind of business they run. So of course last week Brad had to call them to get them to send the disk. She promised she would be sending the disks that day or the next morning, that was Tuesday. On Thursday morning she called and left a message saying she was on the way to the post office with the disks. Still they didn't come. Their office is a thirty minute drive from here. Finally today the disk came next day express mail meaning they didn't mail it until yesterday, a week later than promised. I hate to be lied to and I really feel in this situation there was absolutely no need for the lie. They also put themselves in a position to have to pay much more to mail a stupid disk. I am tired of their excuses and their lack of professionalism. So we are considering what is the best course of action to take.

Currently I have confined myself to the house. I am not allowed to leave until I have all the thank you notes done and mailed. I then have to pick the photos for all the little albums and get the stupid jerk offs to start making my albums. It may be a very long week. I actually shouldn't even be down here posting but I had to run away for a bit.

So next week I may have gotten myself in over my head, we will see. On Tuesday and Thursday I will be catering dinner for 40-50 people. No I don't have a staff to help me it is all me. It is buffet style so I am ok once the food is made and delivered it is just the making and delivering that will be hard. Think of me and my stupidity if you would next week.

Oh I have been meaning to post about this since my trip and I have forgotten. On my way down to Napa I kept passing big trucks carrying tomatoes. At one point in the road one of those trucks lost half their load and there were tomatoes everywhere. Then I saw garlic trucks and they would occasionally lose a clove or two. Finally as I kept driving I saw that a some point there must have been a lettuce truck because there was a big pile of heads of lettuce. I began to laugh because I had visions of the road kill cafe in my head, and I started a story about the vegetarian hillbilly finding their buffet. Also as I drove I had my Ipod turned on to random and I was playing music loudly in my car. Have you ever been driving down the rode and seen some moron dancing wildly to the music in their car and you just have to laugh at how retarded they are. Well if you have seen that then you have probably just driven by me in all my glory and I am happy to amuse you. How to you not rock out to Bohemian Rhapsody?